How to Download HD Movies From TamilRockers New Link 2019

 It is without doubt that the movie industry has evolved “tremendously” ever since its inception. Technologies and other means of recording videos are surprisingly getting better but despite being useful, they’d have their downsides. Film making is very deep and difficult. They require huge budgets, efforts and imaginations and this are all geared towards making consumers enjoy that perfect plot. But as humans, we often believe that everything in life should be free and that it’s illogical to spend money to get high quality entertainments.

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Due to this belief, a lot of people came out, volunteered, took a risky step forward and started ‘pirating’ movies. They do create a website, upload the movies they managed to get “illegally” and allow their visitors to watch them for free. This strategy has indeed affected the movie industry. A quick Bing or Google search will unravel a ton of movie sites that has mushroomed all over the web. Few of these sites are of course legal, while a majority of them aren’t. The one’s that fall under the legally murky arena shifted from peer-to-peer downloads to online streaming and you’d be surprised to see that some of them comes with poor UI design.

But don’t be deceived, as this is part of the bigger strategy. It is actually meant to chase away impatient visitors while attracting the right audience (i.e those who are seriously eager to download and watch pirated copy of movies without minding the hassles they’re subjected to go through). Nonetheless, this tactic adds to the protection of the site, preventing it from being shut down. This now brings us to tamilrockers, one of the most notorious controversial website that has survived many persecutions.

What Is TamilRockers?

I know you’d ask. TamilRockers is as rotten as putlocker, tamilyogi, pirate bay and tamilgun. It’s an illegal movie download website that’s hugely popular among South Asian film freaks. The site routinely uploads newly film releases in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and other languages and this movies are available for users to download for free via torrents or mirrors. The name “tamilrockers” may not sound catchy, but its content does. The platform provides a colossal number of blockbuster movies in HD quality and they’re completely free to download – no string attached, no registration nor informations needed.

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All you’d need to do is to navigate to the site, pick the movie you want to watch directly from the homepage or search for them and once the results are presented, grab it from any of the cyberlockers listed. TamilRockers approach may sound like a “done deal” for some, but it’s bad for business. The site URL itself has been blocked by the governments in many countries, but considering the fact that they often change domain, passionate users are still accessing it whilst connected to a VPN service or proxy server. Talks aside, let’s see if tamilrockers is safe and legal.

Is TamilRrockers Safe? Is It Legal?

With common sense, you will know that tamilrockers isn’t legal. The website has grown to the point where a copy of movie is released on the platform 24 hours even before it “hits” the theatre. Seriously, it is quite funny that while some aren’t aware of the crime of piracy, others who are still ignore the morality, simply because they find the word “free movie streaming” – an attractive offer. Piracy is “deemed” illegal probably because it affects the revenue of the producer or owner of the said content.

Imagine a situation where you’ve worked all night to come up with a project that is almost “impeccable” only for you to wake up the “next day” to see that it has been distributed without your consent. For one thing, movies as well as other online files such as music, video games, software programs and many more fall under a copyright protection law.

This is done to prevent the content from being stolen or used incorrectly. So when you distribute a piece of work protected by copyright law without the permission of the rightful owner, you’re violating a policy and this too affects the owner(s) of the movie you’re pirating in terms of expenses and profits.

Online piracy as well as illegal streaming and distribution of movies is directly linked to organized crime and aside from the legal consequences, downloading contents from an untrusted source can make your device vulnerable to viruses and exploits. Doubt me? Head over to tamilrockers and you’ll see hell let loose.

From the time you type the website name in your browser to the time you select a movie, four or five pop-ups leading to weird, get rich quick scheme and NSFW sites who have interrupted your search. So it’s without doubt that tamilrockers isn’t safe. But if after reading this, you still want to give the site a chance, then you will need to have a good pop-up blocker software installed on your device and follow us as we walk you through on how to download movies from tamilrockers.

Downloading Movies From Tamilrockers

The initial step “obviously” is to head over to tamilrockers official website. But due to the site’s “infamousness”, its ‘domain’ has already been blocked on many ISP’s across countries like India. Nonetheless, the site maintains a list of proxy sites that are updated daily and you can equally access it using Tor browser, a web proxy or VPN service. As of now, and is the only working domain available. So lets jump into one of them.

Once you access the site, you’d be greeted with a user interface that stinks of piracy. At the top “lies” the “forum” section where users share views on the “movies” they have watched and the one’s they’d like to see on the platform. Next is the video page, once clicked, you’d get access to all the movies uploaded on the site.

Hover your mouse a little bit and you’ll see half of tamilrockers movies that are subbed or dubbed in English. Then comes the watch online page, this once clicked leads you to its secondary website called and you can watch any of your favourite movies from there.

By the time you ‘access’ all this pages, ten pop-ups would’ve appeared. So try to close them immediately. As ‘mentioned’ earlier, tamilrockers UI may not be charming or classic enough, but its contents does. Directly from the homepage, you’d get to see tons and tons of newly released and popular movies that aren’t on legal movie streaming sites like Netflix.

Simply select the movie you’d like to download (while being aware of the pop-ups) and on the next page, you’d see the links. For most Movies, tamilrockers gives users three options. Either to download them via torrents (this will involve installing the utorrent app) or magnet link, or users can use any of the available mirrors to download the movie for free.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it. TamilRockers as you have seen doesn’t host any contents on its server, instead they make use of cyberlockers such as openload which helps them circumvent the law. Aside from the negative aspects of the site, you’ll agree with me that its movie collection is huge, extremely huge and bigger than what Netflix and Hulu offers combined. Moreover, I personally think that putting an anti-piracy technology to work won’t stop online piracy, rather it’ll worsen things. So to put a stop to online piracy, legal streaming sites should give people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving in pirates.

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