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5 of the Best Smartphones for Hardcore Gaming Right Now

by Henry Emmanuel

Smartphone gaming has registered humongous success lately. Thanks to the sophisticated Android and iOS devices we all have access to in 2021, games developers have been able to expand their offering accordingly. As such, gaming on a mobile phone has never been so good, which has resulted in more and more of us turning to an array of smartphone games in times of need.

Another factor behind Smartphone gaming’s success is largely credited to the on-the-go gaming option it provides for users. On top of this, console-quality titles are now finding their way onto smartphone devices which, in turn, is improving the overall experience of gaming on a miniature handheld device.

Throw in the extortionate cost of purchasing a hugely powerful console, such as a PS5, and it’s hardly surprising to see smartphone gaming rising up the entertainment ranks. In fact, things are expected to improve further, especially as innovation continues to sweep the smartphone space and developers have new boundaries in which they can break. But until then, what are the best smartphones for gaming? Below is a look at five popular options right now.

1. Lenovo Legion Phone Duel

A solid option with a range of impressive specs, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel has gaming-dedicated features which are suitable for some of the best mobile gaming releases. Its 90W fast-charging is useful ahead of any gaming session in particular, so too is its excellent software and processor which is capable of handling the top mobile phone gaming releases. The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel looks slick and is easy to use, too.

2. Asus ROG Phone 5

Arguably the best gaming smartphone of the lot, the Asus ROG Phone 5 offers superb performance and excellent sound and display. Its Snapdragon 888 chipset and up to 16GB of RAM is ideal for any game, so too is its refresh rate of 144Hz and a touch sampling rate of 300Hz. Essentially, in terms of gaming specifications, this is a mobile phone like no other. In fact, it was clearly designed with gaming in mind. The device’s massive 6,000mAh battery and responsive shoulder buttons highlight this even further.

3. Nubia Red Magic 5G

A cheaper option compared to many, the Nubia Red Magic 5G comes with the hugely powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, up to 12GB of RAM, and an impressive 4,500mAh battery. Ideal for gaming, it’s a smartphone that can handle console-quality titles such as Fortnite, while also offering a great experience for popular slot games such as Blue Wizard. Put simply, there isn’t a game out there that doesn’t look beautiful on the Nubia Red Magic 5G, largely down to its 144Hz screen and its silky smooth refresh rate. It also features triggers, a fan and liquid cooling system, and ‘4D Shock’ vibration.

4. Razer Phone 2

The first version of this device was impressive enough, but this latest product is certainly better. The Razer Phone 2 might not have a solid camera and the display isn’t as good as other devices on the list, but it more than makes up for it with its Snapdragon 845 chip, 120hz refresh rate screen, and its 4,000mAh battery. The phone also boasts excellent sound quality and great performance, which is ideal for a whole host of games.

5. Black Shark 3

The Xiaomi sub-brand took a while to win over smartphone gamers, but thanks to the Black Shark 3, it appears to be doing so now. A large and solid device, it comes with LED lights and a 90Hz refresh rate which is suitable for most games. It does lack in other areas, though, but it’s worth considering.

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