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Mac vs PC: Which Is Better?

by Henry Emmanuel
macbook vs windows

Which one is better, Mac or PC (Windows) – the debate on this never really ends. From social media platforms to your own friends’ group, you have always debated on whether Mac is better than PC or not. 

Apple has been stoking the flames for quite many years with Microsoft, and we can say that both have their pros and cons. It all depends on your choice and why you need the computer in the first place. 

A Mac and PC

Now, most MacBooks and computers have somewhat the same hardware. They have moved to Intel processors a few years back, and most computers and all Macs run on the same. They have 8 GB of memory, good storage, WiFi, and Bluetooth features, and come with a built-in web camera. 

Operating system: The operating systems of computers differ from that of the MacBooks. The operating system OS X and Microsoft Windows are entirely different. So even though you can now boot into Windows on a MacBook, the features differ from one another. Now, it all comes down to what you are comfortable with when it comes to comparing the advantages and disadvantages. 

Many people love the operating system of MacBook, while others prefer Microsoft Windows because it is much easier.

Ecosystem: When you’re trying to pick between a Mac book and PC, you need to consider the other devices you have. It would be best to keep in mind whether you can sync them seamlessly with mobile phones, tablets, TV, other computers, gaming boxes, etc. 

Many people do not like to put in the extra effort to make the electronics work with each other. However, now you can install Windows on a MacBook with the help of Boot camp. You can switch between operating systems and use them according to your convenience. This way, we can say that MacBook has the edge over Windows.

Advantages of Using MacBooks

Gaming: If you’re a MacBook fan, then read this article for an insight on how to choose the best gaming MacBook. Now let’s talk about whether Mac has advantages for gaming or not. Credit in point, you need to know that Macs are associated with high-powered graphic design. As we all know, Apple designs are super appealing and are often remarked as a status symbol. They are frequently bought for their stunning looks. Many people also buy them for their graphic design.

Security: Notably, you should also note that MacBooks do not get attacked by many viruses. In fact, only a few viruses attack MacBooks. This is because Apple has tight controls over the software on its devices.

PCs were known for frequent crashes, but now it has become better. However, nothing can beat Mac’s hardware and software, which is known for its stability. If you work with sensitive data, we would recommend you go for a MacBook because the odds of getting a virus or malware in a MacBook are lesser when compared to that of a PC. It’s also a fact that hackers attack PCs more often too. 

Customer Care: Moreover, if you buy Mac, you will get reliable customer service to listen to your doubts and solving your issues. Apple does a great job of backing off its products. There is a massive pool of computer manufacturers; it is difficult for them to control everything. But since Apple is the sole manufacturer of MacBooks, they can easily move ahead when there is a hardware innovation. The best part about Mac is that they can read drives that are formatted for Windows. Now, Mac can even convert Windows software to something compatible with OS X.

Advantages of PC 

Price point: When it comes to the debate, one of the most vital points is that PCs are comparatively inexpensive to MacBooks. They are cost-effective, and since there are so many PC makers, you can choose from a wide range of devices. You can even opt for a PC at a low price or go for an expensive one. Personal computers even have more opportunities for touch screens. 

Easier to use: Windows is easier to use and has a lot more software created for them. In this regard, you need to know that you can easily upgrade your personal computer. Whether you need a keyboard or a mouse, you have a wide range of options to choose from too. On the other hand, you can only upgrade a MacBook in memory and the storage drive. 

But suppose you invest in a personal computer. In that case, you can upgrade by extending its memory and storage drive and changing its motherboard, video cards, audio cards, processors, etc., as per your budget and requirements. 

They offer more connection ports when compared to MacBooks. PCs have better backward compatibility as well. This means you can run older versions of any software on new hardware.

The choice

Now that you have gone through the blog, we think you would be able to choose better. As we said before, it depends on a person’s budget, preference and requirements. There is no right or wrong.

For some valuable information on this topic, you can also read this informative article on whether to go for The New M1 MacBook or the Microsoft Surface by Forbes. Research well beforehand to ensure that you make the right choice!

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