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Copyright Policy

by sachin

Thank you for inquiring about TechViola’s copyright policy. We are in a modern era where copyright infringement is running rampant, thus there’s a need to have deep thinking when it comes to copying various form of articles from our site. We sincerely commend you for navigating to this section.

Respect is Reciprocal, We ensure to respect the copyright policy of other sites and we’d hope you maintain the same rule here. All content on TechViola is copyright protected unless otherwise stated. Thus you must not redistribute, sell, publish, modify, derivate, commercially exploit or even reproduce the content on this site without advance written consent. However, you may publish a short snippet of our post, and this must link back to the original article on TechViola. In other words, you are not allowed to publish the enter blog post or step-by-step instructions without prior permission. If you would like to re-post any content on this blog to yours or use them commercially, then you will need to send us an email at [email protected] for a license.

Image Policy

Similar to other sites, TechViola uses images to explain articles more vividly. Every (but not all) pictures that is owned by TechViola inside an article, review, and news is been showcased with a watermark of TechViola text or logo, while the pictures that don’t belong to us is being credited with the site’s or author’s name. These credits are found inside or outside the image as a form of text. You are permitted to use any of our images as long as you credit them properly. If we have mistakenly used any of your copyrighted images or if we have credited the wrong person and you want to take us down, please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll remove it or credit them properly.