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6 Best Kodi Music Addons You Can Try

by Henry Emmanuel

Kodi is a great way to spend time. It’s one of the best media center software designed to help users manage their media files locally. Apparently, Kodi excels in everything and it can go extra mile to play all your favourite movies, podcasts, TV shows and even photo slideshow. This, however is just a few things Kodi can do. Aside from serving as a hub for your videos, Kodi can play all your music notwithstanding their formats. Be it mp3, wav, ogg, wma, flac, aac etc. Kodi can play it all.

Moreover, Kodi brings support for smart playlists​, cut sheet and a tag reading for an ultimate control of your music and to give you the perfect experience ever. Y’all know music is life, but it’s quite unfortunate that Kodi doesn’t bring any music streaming service pre-installed. Hence users are meant to rely on music add-ons in order to unleash kodi’s music capability. So if you’re looking for the best music addons for Kodi, then we have got you completely covered. So without further ado, here are the best Kodi music add ons you can use.


Message for Kodi Users

Before we proceed to the best Kodi music add ons, it’s extremely important to secure your internet connection when using Kodi. Despite the fact that Kodi is legal, some of the third-party add-ons aren’t. So to avoid illegal streaming of copyright content which may lead to prosecution, fine or warning letters from DMCA, it is recommended for users to use a VPN service such as IPVanish while using Kodi. If you are still in doubt as to why you need a Kodi VPN, then simply head in here and see the reasons to connect to a VPN service if you use Kodi.

1. Jukebox Hero


If you are familiar with the 1980’s Juke box hero song sang by foreigner, then this add-on name shouldn’t be a surprise. Jukebox hero is one of the best Kodi music video add-on that brings a huge collection of music contents. Once you’ve the add-on installed, you’ll be able to stream latest music videos from Youtube. Jukebox hero comes in handy for playing complete playlists from different artists and its grid style music video layout makes it look awesome. Aside from the slew of categories it brings, you can also search for a specific playlist. Truly, dandymedia’s Jukebox hero is one of the best kodi music add ons ever.

2. MP3 Streams


MP3 Streams is quite similar to Jango. It brings a simple user interface and serves as one of the most used Kodi music add ons. MP3 streams hosts a ton of music and allows its users to browse and stream any of their favourite songs and albums for free. For one thing, MP3 streams music duration is quite long, and it provides a list of popular categories such as compilations and billboard charts to help users stream music easily. With MP3 streams, you can create instant mixes of your favourite songs and albums. Then shuffle and play them with ease.

3. Beatz by Stream Army


Beatz is another add-on that lets you stream music on Kodi. Albeit little, Beatz brings a colossal number of songs and can even play music videos as long as there’s one. One of beatz’s strong point is the fact that it keeps charts up to date and the menu offers a ton of options such as Disney soundtrack, world radio, random list and UK top 40 songs. You can also search for a song or artist and this makes finding your favourite music easy. Overall, beatz by stream army is among the best Kodi music add ons.

4. YouTube Music


YouTube is a great place to stream or even download a ton of songs and even music videos. Thankfully, we have got a YouTube music add-on for Kodi and it performs fully well as expected, if not better. With YouTube music add-on installed on your Kodi, you’ll be able to discover huge amount of popular songs from spotify playlists and even itunes charts. YouTube music addon user interface is quite clean and it let’s you stream music videos from YouTube on your Kodi. It’s a great music add-on for Kodi and brings handy features.

5. Jango


Just like mp3 streams, Jango can be used to stream the latest hip pop songs and other notable musics of 2018. Jango is one of the best Kodi music add ons that hosts a variety of music and they can be accessed freely. Jango’s graphical user interface is sleek and simple to use. One thing you will get to love while using this add-on is that music are arranged orderly. You can browse between a list of christian and gospel songs and even search by song or artist. Jango brings a lot of trending music contents and you’ll never get tired of using it.

6. Rave Player


Rave Player is another simple Kodi music add ons that looks incredibly brilliant. If you are looking to stream music directly on your Kodi, then rave Player should be the music add-on you ought to use. Apart from the podcasts streaming option rave player brings, users can also find and play any of their favourite songs from different artists. Personally, I’d use rave player whenever I wish to listen to mixtapes.


So these are the best Kodi music add ons that are worth using. I have tested them personally and can assure you that they are worth going for. Also it’s safe to mention that kodil repository hosts a ton of music addons for Kodi, and inside it, you’ll be able to find the above listed Kodi music add-ons.


Clement February 25, 2018 - 11:57 am

I actually thought that jukebox hero is'nt working.. not until i saw this post. Thank man. I was able to find jukebox hero inside the kodil repo.

Henry Emmanuel February 25, 2018 - 6:20 am

You're welcome. Your comment is really appreciated!.

Anatolij Karpov February 25, 2018 - 6:15 am

I am very fond of juke box and nordvpn, Nordvpn is really light weight so it will perform well on all devices. Thanks for the top I would check the other as well!


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