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Compress PDF Review: Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

by Henry Emmanuel
compress PDF review

Compress PDF or PDF Compressor has the capability to reduce the file size of PDF documents on android and still retain the original quality of the PDF file.

Android has always been our most dearest gadget ever since it came into the smartphone market topping the list at the same time. Back then in the past when mobile device revolves all around symbian, you’d agree with me that one of the major role it played was for communication. Except for geeks who can tinker and mod it to there preference. Now the story is completely different as our smartphones are gradually becoming our companion. That gadget in your hand might seem little but the content in it, is way bigger than you can ever imagine.

While the word “Open Source” is still there for android to boost off, developers are busy inventing apps that comes of great handy for our daily needs. When it comes to writing emails, we can regard it as an everyday stuff. However attaching PDF documents to this mails tends to be a war due to it’s file size. The reason been that PDF files contains lots of excessive information backed up with images to clarify each word in it. By default all mailing portals permits you to send a file not more than 25mb in size which is actually disappointing. But what if there’s an app that can reduce the size of your PDF document while retaining it’s quality at the same time?

Well this is where PDF compressor or compress PDF dives into the picture. PDF Compressor is one of the handy apps for android device that lets you compress PDF documents and reduce file size but at the same time still retain the original quality of the document. Hence there’s no need to worry if perhaps during the shrinking process, that your documents might be jeopardized. The app comes in a simply but grand style with intuitive interface, thus you can painlessly Import documents from your device storage or Drive, OneDrive, Box and more.

How Does PDF Compressor Works?

Compress PDF was specially designed and own by the cometdocs inc. When you’ve gotten this app installed on your device, simply insert a document, the file will be sent to the cometdocs server. Where the compression process will begin, and once the compression is complete, the compressed file will be automatically downloaded to your device and then your documents will be deleted from there server which is actually one of the main reason i came to fancy this app since your privacy are been held in high esteem.

Why You Should Use This App?

There’s no doubt that you might have come across some apps that can perform this task, however PDF compressor can do it more better once you give it a try. There’s no blues and there’s no hassle.. The app is simply great and moreover it’s fast and convenient. Thus each normal compression takes 1 hour to complete while fast compression are completed in seconds. However you should note that not all files can be compressed. Hence, the developers cannot give you a 100% guarantee that they can compress all your files. Also one of the major advantage of this app is that tasks are performed on powerful servers so PDF Compressor will not burden your phone’s processor or battery. Moreover you can convienently compress your PDF documents without any limit.


  • Very Quick and Easy to Use.
  • Reduce PDF file size with ease.
  • Simple and convenient.


  • None

Final Words

Overall, PDF compressor is a great app. Thus it can painlessly compress a PDF document which original size is 20MB to 10MB and still retain it’s quality. All you’ve to do is grab this app which is totally Free on the Google playstore, open it and then select the PDF document you want to compress. Wait a little bit for the process to complete and your reduced document will emerge among compressed files. Now you can conveniently share any PDF file through emails without any hassle!.

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