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Honey Chrome Extension Review – Is it Worth A Try?

by sachin
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Honey Chrome extension has more than 8 million installs. Clearly, it is one of the most popular extension. It automatically finds and applies the best coupon code before you purchase anything online. It helps you to get the best deal without you even searching for it. Cool, isn’t it? But, many people don’t realise how harmful extensions can be. Extensions can not only slow down your browser but can also track your browsing, insert advertisements, capture your passwords and what not. As we have seen in the past, many popular extensions are purchased by some companies and these companies then turn these extensions to malware. Hence, we should be careful before installing any extension. So, is honey safe and worth a try? Let’s see.

Honey – Security and Privacy

According to CrunchBase, Honey is a Los Angeles based consumer software company that automates deal and product discovery. Also, they have raised more than 40 million dollars till now and have a team of 100+ people. Hence, the company has a strong profile and working since 2012. You can trust them without any doubt on security and authenticity. But, what about the privacy? According to Honey’s Privacy Policy, they do not sell any of their user’s personally identifiable data and only collects what is required. According to them, they only run their service on websites where they can provide value to the users as a Honey member. However, for personal use and security, they collect information like device ID, IP address, how users engage with websites they visit using the Service, and non-personal data extracted from third party websites.

Well, to be honest, that’s not too much. We all are aware of the fact that Privacy is a myth on the internet. Majority of the websites or services we use daily collect this information to improve their product or service. In fact, most of the companies gather much more information than just this. To conclude, Honey seems to have a good security implemented and they do not collect much amount of information considering the amount they can, being a browser extension.

For detailed info on this, you can refer to their privacy policy or this article.

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Honey Chrome Extension – Review

I used Honey Chrome extension for more than 30 days before reviewing it. I only have 5 extensions installed in my browser and Honey is one of them. And, it will hopefully remain installed for a very long time. Coz, who doesn’t love free discounts? 😀

Honey is available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge for free. Once you install the extension, you don’t have to do anything. While shopping, it automatically applies the best coupon available without you even doing anything. However, to check all the coupons available for a store, you can click on the extension (top right corner). You can also search for stores at JoinHoney.com. This extension also has a special feature for Amazon customers. It automatically compares the final prices (including tax and shipping) of the top-rated sellers and alerts you if you’re not getting the best deal. It also has a Price History feature that tracks price changes for items on Amazon for 30, 60, or 120 days. You can also Add a product to Droplist and Honey will notify you if the product’s price drops.

honey chrome extension review droplist

They also have a Reward Program known as Honey Gold which gives you some reward when you shop online. This program, however, is currently available only in the United States.

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Overall, this extension is clean, fast and super easy to use. This extension delivers more than it promises. If I would have to rate this extension, it gets 5 out 5. And worth a mention, not only the extension, they have one of the best website design ever. Well done Honey!


daniloarellano January 26, 2019 - 8:40 pm

I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

Javier June 26, 2018 - 8:10 pm

Thanks for covering the review briefly. I use honey a lot and love it too. But, never knew about the other side of an extension. I am glad Honey is safe.


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