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How To Install Incompatible Apps or Games From Google Play Store

by Henry Emmanuel

Android has always been with us from time immemorial, irrespective of the woe we sometimes face during using our smartphone. However there’s more to gain than to loss. The Google play store is the official market where we purchase our favorite app and games, but there’s some issues we face sometimes when trying to download games and application. Some apps or games on the google playstore claim not to be compatible with various device, but there’s a good chance that this app or game should work fine once you’ve installed them.

As always every problem has it’s own solutions thus you can easily breach in or bypass *Your device is not compatible with this version*  error from the google playstore if only your android device is fully rooted. But you’ve to bear it in mind also that some apps or games won’t actually work after you’ve ventured into the procedure below but I urge you to try it since many will work.

One of the best thing I like about tinkering with our device is that it’s fun and the outcome will certainly be pleasant if things are done well according to instructions. The procedure we’re going to unveil below won’t only fix the google play store error *This app is not compatible with your device* but will go much more to solve some Gameloft games which will install on your device and during gameplay it will pop up a message that your device is not compatible with this game. Thus you can benefit from two side after following our designated instructions.

Note: Before we venture into the main article, you’ve to make sure your device is rooted since the procedure below will require tinkering with some system files which can only be possible with a rooted android device.


Firstly you’ve to download build.prop editor from the google playstore. There’s no doubt that apps like root manager and Es file explorer can perform this task effectively. However we’re recommending build.prop since it’s the most easiest way to edit our smartphone build.prop. So navigate to the google playstore playstore and grab this app then install it.

Now after installing the app, open your app drawer and locate build.prop application then tap on it to open. Swipe the screen from the left or tap the three horizontal line on the upper left corner of build.prop editor. Locate and click on create backup to save your original build.prop file.

Next you can either scroll down or rather use the search icon to find this text ro.product.model and also ro.product.brand. Since they’re the only important file we need to tinker with in other to achieve our aim. Now you’ve to edit and rename this line to pretend your device is another model. For example to imitate Samsung Galaxy S2 use this line…

ro.product.model = GT=I9100
ro.product.brand = Samsung

After making this change, tap the Save button a popup will appear asking you to grant build.prop editor root access. Simply tap Yes.

Now go to Setting and select Applications. Scroll down and locate Google Play store and tap on it. Now Clear cache and Data, after that simply reboot your phone to enable changes.

Once your device has rebooted, simply search for the name of the app or game that claim they’re incompatible with your device from Google search engine and tap on the Google play store link.

This time you should see the Install icon, thus you can now easily install the item on your android smartphone.


As easy as ABC however we do like to draw you back for a little tip before concluding this article. The reason why we used the Galaxy S2 for this tutorial is because adventure of tintin is fully compatible with the device. But if perhaps you want to download any other game or app with your device model changed to that of Galaxy S2 and it still didn’t work, then easily search for the device compatible with the app or game you want to download and imitate it’s model and brand. That’s it!…

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