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How to Install Neptune Rising Addon On Firestick

by Henry Emmanuel

The Neptune Rising addon by Mr.Blamo is one of the oldest running kodi addon till date. It offers a “collossal” number of movies and TV shows from multiple sources and you’d be glad to hear that it is quite reliable. For one thing, its history isn’t quite clear. All we know is that it is a “descendant” of Poseidon and covenant add-on and it shares the same codebase with the once popular Exodus and Genesis addon. Looking at its origination, you’d agree with me that it has something good up its sleeves.

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Unlike the aforementioned add-ons, Neptune Rising utilizes NaNScrapers rather than URLResolver to find sources and it includes new layout and unique playlists all plastered in an intuitive user interface. So in this article, we are going to walk you through on how to install Neptune rising on firestick so that you can use it to watch the latest movies and TV shows for free.

Installing Neptune Rising on Firestick

Following some crackdowns, Neptune Rising had to stop functioning. But today, we are happy to inform you that it’s working once more and this time fully. Thanks to our hardworking team who discovered the new neptune rising repo. So lets quickly get things going.

Enable Unknown Sources

If this is your first time installing an add-on on kodi, then you will certainly need to enable installation from unknown sources. So to get this one going, fire up kodi on your firestick and click the Settings icon located at the top left corner of the screen.


On the next page, click on System Settings followed by Add-ons. You’d get to find this option on the left pane. Once you are in, simply click to enable Unknown Sources and then tap Yes from the pop-up message to acknowledge the warning.

Add the Freeworld Repository Source Path

As we said earlier, Neptune Rising is fully back and it’s now housed within the freeworld repo. So let’s quickly install it. Directly from kodi home screen, click on the Settings icon. Then select File Manager and double-click on the Add source option on the left pane.


Once done, you will be taken to the Add file source page. From there, click on where it says <None> and enter this path exactly as it’s written; http://legionworldtv.com/zips/ and click ok. On the next screen, give the media source a name and click ok again.


Install the Freeworld Repository

Now head back to kodi home screen and click on Add-ons in the left pane. From there, click on the package box icon at the top left of the screen (it looks like an open box).

Next up, click on Install from zip file and select freeworld (or whatever you named the source previously).


Now go ahead and select repository.mrfreeworld.zip to launch the repo installation. Then wait for a short while and you will see a message confirming the add-on installation at the top right of the screen.


Install the Neptune Rising Addon

The preliminary steps are behind us now. So it’s finally time to install the neptune rising addon on firestick. Hope you’re still on the Add-on browser screen? If yes, simply click on Install from repository.


On the next window, select MR FREEWORLD and click Video add-ons followed by Neptune Rising.


Now you’ll arrive at the Neptune Rising information screen. Go ahead and click the Install button at the bottom right corner then wait for some seconds to get the add-on and all of its dependencies installed.


You should see a success message if everything goes accordingly.

Fixing Neptune Rising Failed to Install a Dependency Error

I personally encountered the failed to install a dependency error while trying to sideload the Neptune Rising addon on my firestick. Now considering the fact that I was plagued with this error, I know that some of you will be suffering from it too. So lemme unveil what worked for me.

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Basically, reinstalling the Add-on afresh with a strong and stable internet connection worked like charm. So here’s what you’ll need to do; whenever you encounter the Neptune Rising failed to install a dependency error, simply erase the Neptune Rising files completely from your kodi. We are talking of removing the source by navigating to this directory Settings >> File Manager following by deleting the MrFreeWorld Repository; this can be carried out by heading into Add-ons > My add-ons >Add-on repository > Mr Freeworld, then hit uninstall. That’s it; Neptune Rising brings a fresh breadth of contents with many titles of the past.

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