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Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit : Level up your Nintendo Switch Gaming Experience

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nintendo labo vehicle kit

Back in January ’18 when Nintendo announced the Nintendo Toy-Con Labo Kits which gives you an immersive and real gaming experience along with the Nintendo Switch console and takes you to next level of entertainment. Nintendo Labo Kit took all over the world and was loved by all the gamers as they would enjoy a good gaming time with it.

Now, again Nintendo has introduced a new kit to this range and its none other than the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 3 Vehicle Kit that provides you real-life gaming adventure by enjoying them with your creations. The Vehicle Kit along with the Switch console gives you all those car racing, flight & submarine driving gaming action.



Nintendo Vehicle Labo Kit
Image Source:- Nintendo
Build your own toy-con creations and create some amazing DIY and enjoy some amazing gaming adventure. Just pop out the pieces, fold & combine them to create your toy-con creation, lastly add the Nintendo Switch system and be ready to undergo an exciting gaming venture. You can go at your own pace and learn to make creative creations from the interactive step-by-step instructions.


Nintendo Vehicle Labo Kit
Image Source:- Nintendo
After you create your own amazing toy-con creation, have fun with them as Nintendo Switch system brings them to life and delivers you an enjoyable play adventure to enjoy. The Toy-Con Variety Kit lets you build different creations and provides you multiple ways to play. Also, the Toy-Con Robot Kit lets you build a backpack and visor that helps you to control the huge on-screen robot and much more. Just have fun and enjoy playing with the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Kits.


Nintendo Vehicle Labo Kit
Image Source:- Nintendo
When you finish completing your setup and having an amazing gaming experience just discover the different ways in which you can bring in your creativity out with these astonishing kits and add a pocket full of events in your game. Find out how the Nintendo Switch console works with your great toy-con creations with the help of software.
Invent your own gameplay with these toy-con kits and see how everyone can enjoy gaming with your creations.
The Nintendo Toy-Con Labo Kit is now available in 3 kit options:-
  1. Toy-Con Variety Kit
  2. Toy-Con Robot Kit
  3. Toy-Con Vehicle Kit
With the newly Launched Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit, you can create amazing vehicle projects like toy-con car along with pedal and key, toy-con plane, toy-con submarine and enjoy this adventure with the Nintendo Switch console that brings your creations into reality.
The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Vehicle Kit consists of:-
Nintendo Vehicle Labo Kit
Image Source:- Nintendo
  1. A physical version of Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit software.
  2. Cardboard Sheet x25 (includes extra sheets for customization)
  3. Reflective sticker sheet x1
  4. Sponge sticker sheet x1
  5. String x1
  6. Grommet Set (gray) x2
  7. Grommet Set (red) x2
  8. Rubber bands (large) x3 + spares
  9. Rubber bands (small) x12 + spares
The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit is available for pre-order now on Nintendo Labo official website and will be available from September 14, 2018, and is priced at $69.99.  It will also be available on Amazon.com, GameStop and BestBuy.
Nintendo Vehicle Labo Kit
Image Source:- Nintendo
So, Decorate your toy-con creations and Make. Play. & Discover. with Nintendo Labo Kits.

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