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How to Post an Ad to Craigslist with Ease

by Henry Emmanuel


Craigslist is frigging awesome, you can buy and sell pretty much anything on that site. The variety of stuff that you find in the sections over there are undoubtedly overwhelming. Now, some of you might be wondering if you could sell over at this site, and you certainly can. All you need to do is post an ad over there. Now, you might be asking how to post an ad to craigslist with ease? It is simpler than what you are probably thinking. Follow through this article and you will know how you can effectively create an ad to be put on craigslist, easily.

1. Getting Started

To post an Ad to Craigslist easily, you first need to head over to craigslist website and log in. For your help, you can find some of the best craigslist posting software and websites list. Simply, pick the one that suits you. If you don’t have an account, obviously you will need to create one. I am assuming I don’t need to tell you to select your country and location first. It should be fairly straightforward as soon as you enter the website homepage. Once you have selected your locality, you are presented with a plethora of different options, ranging from discussions to housing, to jobs, to services, etc. choose one that you want to associate with. Say, for example antiques for sale (I’m just trying to be cool. I don’t have any dope antiques).

Anyway, once you have reached a place where you want to see other similar ads, on your top-right corner, you will see the “post” button. Click on it and you will be presented with a list of options on which you’re based on. You will see a list of types from which you will have to click on the one that best describes your ad’s intention. For example, if I wanted to sell that dope antique which I don’t have, I would click on “for sale by owner” option followed by “antiques by owner” in the next page.

2. Constructing your Ad

You will now be greeted with an array of text boxes, each with some purpose. The titles above these boxes are pretty straightforward in describing what that field is meant for. Post a title for your ad, something that describes your intention in a single line. Then, specify the price that you will be charging for it, and also the specific location of availability. There is a post body below all these, where you can briefly describe whatever it is that you are trying to put up there. Make sure you give a clear, fairly detailed description of your product/service and let there be a definitive emphasis on how your product is better than the rest of them in the market (your competition). You should enter your other details as well, such as the model name, its size and dimensions (if it is a product), and the condition that it is in right now. Something similar to that you would specify while reselling goods on eBay.

You can choose to accept payments via cryptocurrency (for all four people that actually use that method) and whether or not to include the “more ads by this user” link. You need to specify your contact information, such as your email address (and confirm it). You can choose to have a no-reply format for your emails, so that is kind of neat. You can also optionally include your phone number and a contact name for users to get back to you. In the next phase, you will be prompted to add images to your ad. Choose some high quality images which I believe you have already taken, and upload them through the file manager. If you haven’t, go ahead and click some of them. Use a good camera for it. Or, if you can’t be bothered, just whip out your phone and click away. away.Smartphones have really good cameras these days anyway. Finally, click the “done with images” button to proceed.

3. Preview and confirm

Once you are done with your images, you will get a preview of the ad that will be published on craigslist. You will have the option to edit the images or edit the post itself if you done like the way something looks. It usually happens with images, that they don’t’ show up in the right way as you want them to, so you will have to go back and upload an edited/modified version.

4. Publish Your Ad

Once you are satisfied with the way your ad looks, go ahead and click on the button that says Publish. You will find it in your bottom right corner. Once that is done, you will get a message screen which tells you that you should have received an email to your specified mail ID, and that mail contains the links to publish your ad, delete it, or modify it. You are now done with the web page, and are required to sign in to your email server and check your inbox.

That’s it! This is how you can Post an Ad to Craigslist with Ease. Hope you found this post useful, cheers!

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