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Why You Need WikiCompass : A Perfect Travel Companion

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Traveling, Exploring places around the world, Reaching out to new destinations, everyone loves it! While going for traveling we plan on all our basic needs and try to make every tour of our life memorable. So, to achieve these things we carry some tools with us like camera, but what if we had a tool that along with our travelling helps us to learn about all the particular places we visit so that we can get more info about the place and can make our visit more memorable with the information which we didn’t know before.

So, Presenting you a unique tool or application by Allez Interactive Inc called as the WikiCompass – Discover the things around you.

Features & Highlights:-

  • WikiCompass is an AR (Augmented Reality) Wikipedia viewer Application that helps in your trip or journey or vacation for exploring places and gives you the information about the things around you quickly, easily and intuitively. With the help of AR, WikiCompass makes your journey more interesting to figure out more places and get genuine knowledge about the same.
WikiCompass - Discover things around you
  • Traveling the world with your complete travel companion WikiCompass provides you a truly unique and educational experience that helps you to explore and learn things at the same time. WikiCompass helps you to get nearby Wikipedia articles and you can even view them in AR.
WikiCompass - AR Wikipedia Viewer
  • Augmented Reality along with WikiCompass helps you to experience the place and with Wikipedia articles, it helps you to get proper knowledge as well as information about it. Exploring new places around the world has just become easy with the use of WikiCompass.
WikiCompass - Discover things around you


WikiCompass is an amazing tool for all Travel Enthusiasts, Students, Teachers, Tourists and everyone who loves to explore and learn. This app shows it has made getting knowledge while traveling easier and will be a big hit. Already it looks cool in its launch trailer and when it will be available on the smartphones it might be a great companion for travelers.
Using Augmented Reality and GPS, WikiCompass finds nearby places Wikipedia articles and points you in that particular direction. Fantastic use of AR and it’s like having lots of fun while traveling using WikiCompass.

Pricing & Availability:-

This great tool is available only for iOS users on the App Store and it’s a paid application! So you have to buy it on the app store and can then begin your awesome travel journey with WikiCompass.
WikiCompass – AR Wikipedia viewer is available for $0.99 only. You can download it from here.
Note: WikiCompass Application requires iOS 11.0 or higher.
So, Experience the world with WikiCompass and Discover the things around you !!! Also, Do let us know your views on WikiCompass in the comments section below.

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