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Download AnonyTun Pro and Browse the Internet Securely (2018)

by Henry Emmanuel


AnonyTun is a circumvention tool that utilizes VPN, HTTP proxy and SSH technology to provide you with uncensored access to the Internet. Download AnonyTun Pro today and access the web freely.

We live in a repressive regime, and while some are fortunate enough to live in countries that value civil rights, others often find themselves in freedom-restricted regions where they’re banned from accessing censored contents on the internet. While being aware of this savagery, a slew of VPN apps spawned, allowing users to access the internet anonymously. Some of these VPN tools are paid, while some are free and others fall under the trash section. Then comes AnonyTun Pro, a simple to use tool that gives you unrestricted and unlimited access to any content or website on the internet.


What is AnonyTun?

AnonyTun is a circumvention tool that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you with uncensored access to internet contents. The app was aimed at people living in an area where the governments​ have restricted access to certain websites. So if you have ever gotten a blocked error while trying to open a site, then AnonyTun Pro should be the perfect tool you should use to freely browse those websites securely.


As a VPN app that gets you wherever you want to go, and gets you there safely with trust, speed and simplicity, AnonyTun Pro has tons of unique features which makes it a must-have. Aside from being free and secure, AnonyTun doesn’t require any sort of registrations and it comes with a clean, neat design and “user-friendly” interface that delivers high speed VPN connection once the connect button is pushed. For one thing, AnonyTun doesn’t require root nor bring any bandwidth limitations. The app was specifically designed to bypass firewalls and provide secure connection via SSL, HTTP and TCP tunnels​.


Furthermore, AnonyTun Pro bring support for multiple servers which makes the app reliable, and you’ll never be disconnected  while accessing your favourite sites. When it comes to fastness, AnonyTun delivers high-speed VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) connection that comes in handy to easily bypass any geo-restricted services on the web. Aside from this, AnonyTun gives you freedom to tweak certain options within the advanced section. The Stealth settings helps you to change the Connection Protocol and Port, and if you want you can choose to enable an option to connect to a parent proxy, edit custom TCP/HTTPS headers and enable advanced SSL settings if need be.

Is AnonyTun Pro Safe?

Having used the app for the past 2 years, I can literally tell you that it is reliable and safe. Yes it brings some adverts, but they aren’t in anyway​ intrusive and moreover, the app offers a top-notch user experience. AnonyTun is quite easy to setup and it’s probably one of the best free VPN app that stands out from the crowd.

Download AnonyTun Pro

Wrapping Up

The best VPNs are suppose to be free, and AnonyTun Pro lives up to that. If you live in a country with several restricted ISP or want to access the internet securely and freely, download AnonyTun. It is a useful tool that gives you freedom whilst navigating around the web. Also, the developers behind AnonyTun are always monitoring the app’s proxy servers, to ensure it delivers fast, reliable and secure connection.

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