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Latest Auto Tech To Consider When Buying A New Truck

by Henry Emmanuel
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The pickup truck market is  estimated to earn a revenue of $72,774 million this year, according to Statista. This may be due to the fact that this type of vehicle is typically used for both personal and business use. This is not surprising given that trucks are usually big, spacious, and carry heavy loads. 

But aside from the basic  features like offline mapping which you can use with your smartphone, and emergency brakes, what other techs can we expect to see in trucks this time around? 

Safety Enhancing Technologies

According to JD Power,  pickup trucks are built for power because they are designed to carry heavy loads. However, when it comes to safety, trucks needed improvement. Fortunately, manufacturers are also offering their own safety equipment packages such as the Safety Sense by Toyota or Honda Sensing, just to name a few. 

Aside from these basics, there are tech-assisted safety features available too, just like the ProGrade Trailering in the new Sierra by GMC. This tech utilizes both the in-dash screen and other cameras equipped to make towing more convenient. 

Improved Infotainment System

Most trucks come with dash-mounted screens as part of their basic package, and car companies did their best to make the most out of it. The dashboards of trucks typically have navigation systems, current weather patterns, and support for both Apple’s CarPlay and Android’s Auto. Recent trucks, like the Ram 1500 boasts of having larger screens plus the ability to play two applications, which can ease boredom on the road. Passengers in the rear will still be able to keep themselves busy, as there are USB outlets and ports at the back for charging devices. 

Integration of the Internet of Things  

What other tech should you look for when buying a pickup truck? How about whether it supports the Internet of Things or IoT? This latest innovation forms a network of devices, appliances, and vehicles where data is being shared among them. One example here is a truck being equipped with sensors that can detect the condition of the tires, fuel, and other important elements of your vehicle. The data collected will then be sent to you to know what maintenance your truck needs. 

Technological advancements are not limited to smartphones and other devices, but they can also be found in vehicles. When searching for the latest tech in trucks, the features above are worth considering regardless of whether you will buy a truck for personal or for business. 

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