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7 Best Driving Games For Android

by Henry Emmanuel

When it comes to operating a motor vehicle, not everyone can ‘boost’ of being an expert. You’d have to learn the “road rules” and  prove that you can “handle a car” in a real world environment. Driving games moves away from the classic “sports racing games ” where speed proves to be the key. In driving games, you’re opportuned to drive a normal car, in a normal urban setting and at normal speed. Hence you don’t have to participate in any thrilling racing, as all you’ve to do is drive well. If you are a gamer and you love driving cars, then there is a need for you to show off your skills with the best driving games on Android. With driving games, you can easily learn how to operate a manual transmission with clutch and stick shift or automatic gearbox. Hence you’d be able to apply this experience in reality. So if you’re ready to get a license, get behind the wheel and drive a car, here’s the best free offline driving games for Android.

1. Dr. Driving


Dr. Driving is one of the most popular and biggest mobile driving simulation game on Android. The game brings super stunning graphics and a lot of different missions that requires you to drive round the streets from one point to another and then park your vehicle. Having played dr. driving, i noticed that the goal isn’t to drive at full speed. But to take bends well and avoid crashing with other cars. Hence you have to drive responsibly. Once you complete a mission, you’ll be rewarded with some golds which can be used to buy better vehicles for your trips around the city. Dr. driving also allows you to challenge opponents in the multiplayer mode and you can unleash your skills by going slow but steady.

2. Driving School 2016

Driving School 2016 is yet another popular Android game that will teach you how to drive. There are different kinds of vehicles you’ll be allowed to control, starting from trucks, cars and buses. The game features astonishing environments with more than 10 detailed maps. During gameplay, you can learn to drive a manual with clutch & stick shift since the car handling is smooth and realistic. You have a lot of license to take, as you ride across the country roads, deserts, highways and mountains. Driving school brings detailed vehicle interiors with a real engine sound and weather conditions. The game offers over 50 challenging levels and allows you to use a virtual steering wheel. The realistic damage system makes it even more addictive.

3. Car Driving School Simulator


Car driving school proves to be one of my favourite driving game on Android. This game will not only test your skills but will also demand you to pay full attention to traffic rules while controlling a car. Thus, once you’ve completed the training course, you’ll enter a large open city with different missions to engage in. During gameplay, you are recommended to use your blinkers when necessary and most importantly, you will need to obey the road rules by minding the stop signs and intersection lights. Car driving school simulator features a wide selection of cars ranging from pickup trucks​to buses. It’s perhaps the most genuine car driving game for Android with realistic traffic and multiple camera.

4. School Driving 3D


School driving 3D is a realistic car driving simulator game that allows you to learn the road rules and hence prove that you can be able to drive or control a car in a real world environment​. The game is quite existing to play, featuring the most stunning graphics with realistic vehicle interiors and smooth car handling. There are more than 40 levels to complete and each of the levels brings a different scenarios. You can choose between cars, trucks and buses while you drive your way across the city. There’s a real engine sound for each vehicle & a detailed damage system. You can switch the controls to tilt  steering, buttons or touch steering wheel asyou bag your license while showing off your driving skills.

5. Car Driving & Parking School

Car driving & parking school is yet another most realistic & addictive driving mechanics on Android. The game offers 37 awesome customizable cars to drive in, and you can master the tricky parking spot between two vehicles. Car driving & parking school offers a bit of freedom, allowing you to take on the road, drive your friends around and explore the city while abiding to the traffic rules and parking regulations. You can even show off your driving skills as you drive under harsh weather conditions with mini-maps to guide you. The game features a speedometer and blinkers for safe driving, so all you need to do is become an expert driver as you perfect all the road rules thereby impressing your instructor and earning a license to freedom.

6. Driving School 3D


If you are a lover of sport cars, then driving school 3D will allow you to learn and drive  many different sport cars. There are a lot of cities and country roads to explore, and you can control the cars by choosing between a virtual steering wheel, joystick or tilting. During gameplay, you’ll need to be mindful of traffic signs, semaphores and speed limits in other to complete over 40 different levels consisting of 2 maps. You can unlock sport and SUV vehicles while experiencing smooth handling and realistic physics. Driving school tutors you on how to drive a manual transmission vehicle with clutch or you can stick to the automatic gearbox. It’s time to show off your driving skills and hence get a license!.

7. School of Driving


School of driving trains you to become a city driver, it’s one of the best driving simulator games on Android. The game features about 60 career levels with amazing & challenging missions to complete. The career mode is a bit simple to play, the yellow arrow guides your direction, & you should avoid running on red light​. Similar to Dr. Driving, school of driving does not tolerate crashing, simply drive and park your car in the green area. When you collect marks, you earn points & drift in a given time. School of driving offers a realistic car sound with 7 different cars & camera angles including interior view. You can tilt, steer left and right or use the arrow keys. Play school of driving and experience the most realistic city traffic.

Final Words

If you’re a gamer, then you’ll certainly agree with me that there’s “absolutely” no better  way to gain more knowledge of the road rules than playing an intuitive car driving simulator game. Although there are lots of games out there that claims to teach you how to drive, but more of them offers poor quality controls. Hence the above listed games where specifically handpicked and it will get you addicted beyond imagination. So what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel, drive a car and bag your driving license. It’s now or never! Go ahead and enjoy the pleasure of driving by yourself.

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