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6 Best Offline Maps for Android

by Henry Emmanuel


Traveling round the city and suddenly lose your way? Then there are two options left. Either to ask a pedestrian for directions or simply shift the authority to an algorithm to help you find your way around. The latter brings maps into play. Maps are simply a visual representation of an area that comes in handy to help individuals avoid traffic jams and reach their destination faster. Take Waze for example, it’s one of the most accurate GPS navigation app for Android and brings live traffic information. But it lacks one thing, and that’s an offline mode.

Y’all know roaming charges are ridiculous on normal maps, and can result to a waste of mobile data. Fortunately, the Google Play Store brings a slew of offline maps apps for Android and they are completely free to use. So without further ado, here are the best offline maps for Android.

1. Google Map


If you are looking for the best maps app to rely on for real-time GPS navigation and live traffic conditions, then Google Maps should be your go to. Despite requiring an internet connection to perform some of its functions, Google Maps still offers an offline experience for its user. Activities such as establishment info, location searches and turn-by-turn driving directions can be accessed via Google Maps without having to connect to WiFi or cellular network.


To download Google Maps for offline use, simply open the Google Maps app and search for the specific location you want to save. Now pull up the bottom info bar and tap Download. Select the area you’d like to save, then hit the “Download” button to start saving the area. It’s safe to mention that Google Maps doesn’t support offline navigation for biking, walking and transit directions. But we do hope to see these features soon.

Download Google Maps (free)

2. Maps.me


Maps.me is one of the best offline maps app for Android and it’s entirely free. It brings a sleek user interface and a fast and incredibly detailed directions to points of interest. One thing you do love about maps.me is that it allows users to add new locations with ease. Compared to Google Maps, Maps.me brings support for offline navigation for walking, driving and motorcycle touring. There’s also a bookmark option that let’s user save their favourite locations. Maps.me doesn’t only excel in offline searches, but offers a reliable GPS turn-by-turn navigation. Overall, it’s a great way to save mobile data.

Download Maps.me (free)

3. HERE WeGo


Here WeGo is another popular offline maps app for Android. It brings a reliable, fast and accurate GPS navigation with voice guidance to smoothen your car drive and walk. Aside from this, here wego offers a real-time traffic and transit information to help users avoid traffic jams and travel faster. The app’s graphical user interface is among the best and it let’s you download maps you can use offline even without a cell signal. Here wego’s public transport option helps to keep track of departure times and its free offline navigation is ideal for knowing how critical your ride will be.

Download Here WeGo (free)

4. OsmAnd

‚ÄčOsmAnd is an offline navigation app that brings a ton of useful features. The app lets users record or upload their own GPX track for storing waypoints and routes. One of OsmAnd’s robust feature is the synthesized turn-by-turn voice guidance that helps you along the way. OsmAnd also brings support for offline location searches and an automatic day/night mode switch. You can download and save maps of certain area and use it when you have no internet connection. OsmAnd also provide information about depth sea objects and its contours. It’s really one of the best offline maps for Android and it’s handy for hiking, walking and city tour.
Download OsmAnd (free)

5. Navmii


Navmii is an accurate free offline maps for Android and it’s ideal for taking abroad to avoid high roaming costs. The app brings a real-time traffic and road information to help you find your way around. Navmii also offers a free voice-guided navigation with support for local searches using postal code or address even without a data connection. Navmii is undoubtedly easy and simple to use, it works with GPS only and comes with points of interest. Offline maps are stored locally and once you have had navmii setup, it will plot the best route for you. Aside from the driver’s score feature it brings, navmii is really a great offline maps for Android.

Download Navmii (free)

6. GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic


Sygic GPS Navigation is another maps app you can rely on. The app brings up-to-date life traffic information about fuel prices on different petrol stations and lets you avoid speed camera warnings. That’s not all, sygic GPS Navigation also includes a high-quality 3D maps that are stored locally on your  device and you can use it to escape traffic and find the best parking spot. Whether you commute daily or you’re a professional driver, sygic GPS Navigation maps app can guide you safely to your destination even without an internet connection. It’s in one word the best offline maps for Android.

Download Sygic’s GPS Navigation (free)

Wrapping Up

The above offline maps for Android can let you have a smooth and uninterrupted navigation experience. Aside from bringing accurate voice directions, they are ideal for getting speed limit alerts and they make driving in unfamiliar territories easier. It’s quite obvious that normal maps can rack up or consume a hefty amount of data, but these offline maps for Android can come in handy to save data usage and help you find your way around deadzones even without an internet connection.

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