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2 Proven Methods to Download From Scribd for Free

by Henry Emmanuel

As a voracious reader, I’ve always had this thing about books and one of its measure benefits is to improve fluency. Whenever I felt the need to read online, I’d always visit Goodreads and Scribd. The latter is sort of my favourite, since it hosts a huge catalogue of digital library and e-books. Scribd often referred to as “the Netflix for books” is a reading subscription website that hosts tons of books, audiobooks and documents. Most of its documents can be viewed for free, but downloading them comes for a fee. In a bid to create an easy way to publish and share written contents​ online​, Scribd came to be and since then it has received high acclaims.

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Having grown rapidly to become the world largest digital library with over 60 million documents on its open publishing platform, Scribd started allowing users to self-publish documents and books on its website with the aid of its document reader, making it “the YouTube for documents”. Also writers can upload and sell digital copies of their work online, courtesy to Scribd store. If you want to download from Scribd’s digital library of historical papers, novels, poll results, political documents, and other ebooks that will help in your projects or college assignments, then we have 2 proven methods to download Scribd books and documents for free.

1. Using Scribd Facilitator

This is by far the easiest, most authentic and 100% working method to download books and documents from Scribd. Before now, one could easily use Scribd downloader add-on for chrome and firefox to download document from Scribd. But considering the fact that this process is cumbersome, we have found a new survey-free Scribd downloader online tool that you can use. So if you are ready to tap from Scribd 60 million documents, here is how to download books, audiobook and documents from Scribd by using Scribd Facilitator.


To begin with, go to scribd.com/browse and enter the keyword phrase that’s similar to the content you want to download. For example, I’m looking for a document that’ll give me an “assessment on financial math”, that’s my keyword. (Refer to the Screenshot above to see this).


Now scroll through the tabs and search for your desired document. Once you find it, click on it and copy the document’s URL to your clipboard. (Refer to the Screenshot above to see this). Next paste the link elsewhere and extract the numerical sequence after “/document/”. For instance, if the file URL is


Copy only the numeric string “122523247” and paste it on the “File ID” field in Scribd Facilitator. Then select an “Extension” option (the site offers 3 options, “txt”, “pdf” and “original.”)  “epub” and “docx” was removed in recent update.


After choosing an extension, solve the captcha and click on “Download”. Now wait for a few seconds and you’ll see a green bar containing the document’s download link. Click on it, and the download will start. If you see a white screen or error message, select another extension and try again.


That’s it, I’ve personally tested this method and it’s working perfectly well in 2018. So use it to download books, audiobooks and documents from Scribd without uploading any document. Apparently, Scribd Facilitator is the best Scribd book downloader I’ve used so far.

Other Scribd Downloader Online

  • docdownloader.com
  • dlscrib.com
  • scribddownloader.org

If you think scribd facilitator isn’t giving you what you want, then you can use the above Scribd downloader online tools to download Documents and books from Scribd without registration. Now let’s quickly dive into the 2nd method.

2. Uploading a Document

With this method, I was able to download a plethora number of Documents from Scribd. So if you’re ready to try it, let’s roll!. Firstly, go to scribd.com/browse and search for the document you want to download, click on it and copy the “document’s URL” to your clipboard. Now click on the “download icon” and sign up using your email address.


On the next page, simply tap on Scribd’s logo to head back to the homepage. From here, tap the “Upload” button followed by “Select Documents to Upload”.


Now select and upload any document you’ve on your PC. Alternatively, you can create a new text document, give it a name and open it. From here, type in any random text and sasave the document. Now go back to Scribd and upload the document you recently created.


Wait a few seconds for the document to upload, then enter a title and description and click ‘Done’. On the next page, highlight the current URL and replace it with the document URL you copied from step 1, then click enter.


That’s it. The document will now bypass the subscription service. Now click on the “Download icon” from the next page and choose the file/document type. Either PDF, TXT or DOC. When you are done, tap the “Download” button it and click save. Wait till the document download process is completed, then you can easily view it.


Wrapping Up

Downloading Books, Audiobooks and documents from Scribd isn’t an easy task, but with the above trick, you can achieve it painstakingly. We’ll​ try to update this article once we find any other working methods to download documents from Scribd. Till then, kindly use the comment box below to tell us if it works for you. That’s it. We’ve just narrated the steps to download a book from Scribd for free. Enjoy!.


BubbleTechno   November 11, 2019 - 1:59 pm

I personally like your post, you have shared good article. It will help me in great deal. It works for downloading documents. Can I download e books also?

Noira Mezteog February 17, 2018 - 10:45 pm

This is only for documents, not books. 🙁

Mohamed Zuhail January 18, 2018 - 4:10 am

Thank you very much. Scribd Facilitator method is work fine, but premium sribd (best selling) books can't download so, consider and do you have any trick please share.

Iboudanfa December 26, 2017 - 10:38 am

Thank you. It works very well


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