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5 Best Budget Planner and Bill Reminder Apps For Android

by Henry Emmanuel

You do know you are in soup when it’s month end and obviously time to make that payment only for you to check your account balance and see that it’s red. Now you’d probably ask yourself, where did all those money go to? For some, they do use apps like splitwise to track bills and shared expenses, but try to put a budget planner and bill reminder app on your smartphone, you’d never have to wonder where or how you spent those currencies.

It’s said that keeping budgets reminds us of what we can’t afford, but you do know it can’t prevent us from buying stuffs we fancy. Before now, we use to balance checkbook. Going through the hassles of writing down bill payments on notebooks and calendar, while memorising dates for pending payments. Fortunately, those days are pass√© as a slew of apps have emerged to help us track our expenses, set a budget and equally reminds us of when payments are due. So without further ado, here are the best budget planner and bill reminder apps for Android to help you manage your finances this year and have peace of mind.

1. Mobills Budget

Budget planner and bill reminder app

You do know it’s quite difficult to keep track of finances especially if you have more than one account and credit card. Well with Mobills, you’re one step ahead to managing all your credit cards in one place. Mobills is “undoubtedly” the most popular budget planner and bill reminder app that lets you create custom budgets, track spendings and notifies you when bills needs to be paid. With an easy to use and intuitive user interface, Mobills offers quite a slew of features that includes a customised graphs and reports that comes in handy to manage finances in a comprehensive manner. It’s really worth giving a try, since it shows recurring transactions on time.

Mobills Budget

2. Money Manager

Budget planner and bill reminder app

If you are looking for an app that will help you track income and expenses, then look into money manager. It is ‘literally’ one of the best budget planner app that typically makes financial management as easy as a pie and it does so efficiently. From charts to statistics, money manager ‘provides’ an option that allows users to record income, financial transactions and outlays so that they can see how much money they have saved. With support for multiple currency and ability to add new revenue sources and expense categories, users can set up a passcode on money manager to prevent intruders from accessing the app.

Download Money Manager

3. Mint

 Budget planner and bill reminder app

In a era where ‘everyone’ gets wrapped up in the in and outflows of expenditures, we often forget about other important stuffs necessary for a good personal budgeting. Fortunately, an app development by Intuit and specifically dubbed Mint has emerged to change the way we spend. Mint similar to other budget planner and bill reminder apps out there helps in keeping track of expenses. It pulls together all the informations we need such as credit cards, loans, mortgages, property and investment under one interface, so that we can create a monthly budget, receive reminders for bills and mark them as paid.

Download Mint

4. Wallet

Budget planner and bill reminder app

For some, they’d think wallet is a finance expense tracker. But it’s much more than that. Truthfully, wallet is a budget planner app ‘developed’ to help users control their financial expenses and this enables them to spend less and save more. Unlike other budget planner and bill reminder apps we have listed above, wallet by budgetbakers brings quite a unique feature. It automatically syncs your transactions with your actual bank and allows you to import the datas as well. Aside from this, users can upload their reward or loyalty card within wallet and they can go extra mile to choose from multiple currencies.

Download Wallet

5. Monefy

Budget planner and and bill reminder app

Tracking expenses manually is really difficult, it is a task we often find ‘cumbersome’ and even when we “decide” to do it, we end up making a lot of mistakes. But there’s a budget planner app out there that proves that we can easily track our spendings without going through the hassles of writing them down on a spreadsheet or notebooks. It’s called Monefy, an efficient personal financial manager and expense tracker that lets you add records when you’re shopping, buying a coffee or taking a taxi. All these can be carried out in an easy to use and intuitive user interface with multiple currencies support and built-in calculator.

Download Monefy

Wrapping Up

Money these days comes and goes. There is an array of rent and utilities to pay and aside from these, you do need to take care of personal needs. But if you are looking to keep a tab on how you spend those currencies, then the above budget planner and bill reminder apps for Android will surely do the job. They’re free, brings less or no intrusive ads with premium versions for those looking to get all of its exclusive features.

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