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5 Best Tattoo Apps For Android

by Henry Emmanuel

Tattoos these days is like a coat of arms. Aside rappers, a ton of folks are proud of it. Putting on a black shorts, alongside a shirt and a $50,000 chain ‘plus’ Jewellery with “tattoos” drawn all over your body is simply called Swag. But you’d know those inks can’t washed off easily. So instead of moving around tattooed, you can choose to fulfill those “crazy and silly” dreams of yours by tattooing your “pictures” using a good, reliable and feature-rich tattoo app. Nevertheless, if you still ‘want’ that swag, to get your arm or any “part” of your body tattooed but “haven’t” made up your mind on what design you want, then this tattoo design apps will ‘gladly’ show you tons of elements to choose from.



Whether you are getting a tattoo tomorrow or next, we really recommend you checkout inkhunter to see what a tattoo will look like before you get it. For one thing, inkhunter is an app with a very cool concept. It is specifically designed to allow users try out tattoo designs on their body in real-time with augmented reality. Inkhunter is extremely easy to get used to and it offers an advanced photo editor that makes everything look real. Aside from trying on your own tattoo designs, you can easily choose one from the gallery. Overall, it’s one of the best tattoo apps for Android. Simply use it to project a virtual tattoo on photos before you get them tatted or inked on your body forever.

Download InkHunter

2. Tattoodo


Tattoodo prides itself as the #1 tattoo app for Android and we wouldn’t agree less to that. It is one of the most popular, easy to use and convenient tattoo apps that brings heaps of designs as well as excellent artists and all this is geared towards helping you create an image in your mind before you go for your next ink. Personally, the tattoodo brings quite a nice user interface. It features a huge collection of works from professional tattooers and presents it for users to see. Of course, there’s an option to upload and share your own tattoo designs and you can equally use the app to discover local tattoo artists and studios near your area.

Download Tattodo

3. +3500 Tattoo Designs


Unlike Inkhunter which allows users to “preview” tattoo designs on their photos before inking them on their body, +3500 tattoo designs app “follows” a completely “different” approach. It is an app created solely to illustrate different styles of tattoo designs so that users can choose what fits them the most. Aside from this, +3500 tattoo designs comes in handy for tattooers looking to get inspired, as it increase there creative. Obviously, +3500 tattoo design app brings a slew of tattoo design images from different categories such as animal, love, bufferfly etc. So you will never run out of idea.

Download +3500 Tattoo Designs

4. Tattoo Master


If you’re really obsessed with tattoos, then chances are, you’re probably looking for a tattoo app “inform” of a game to pastime. Well here comes tattoo master. The most popular tattoo app and coloring game for Android designed to let users experience the tension and excitement of making the perfect tattoo before they can ink them on their body. Offering more than 80 ‘unique’ tattoo designs, tattoo master allows users to effortlessly ink their own photos with a variety of coloring styles. Personally, I do say tattoo master is fun. But its concept doesn’t look real at all. It basically seems like you are applying a sticker on a body part. A filter option would’ve improved the app better.

Download Tattoo Master

5. Tattoo Designs


Perfectly laid out for beginners and professionals alike, tattoo designs emerge as one of the exceptional tattoo apps that brings quite an attractive and remarkable tattoo idea. Directly from the app’s user interface just under the category tab, you’d get to see thousands of tattoo designs from different genres and they’re all focuses on stuff like love, tribal, horoscope, skull, dragon and much more. Tattoo designs library of tattoos are updated regularly, and it’s hands-down the perfect app to use when you’re looking to discover top trending tattoo concepts. In summary, it’s a worthwhile tattoo app that’s feature-rich.

Download Tattoo Designs


Tattooing is definitely hard, and it is right to respect a good tattooist. Aside from the pain involved in getting your body inked, deciding on which tattoo design to go for can be really really challenging. There are a slew of tattoo apps out there on the web that can help make your “decision” easier, but they’d seem overwhelming. So having explored the Google Play Store, we came up with the above tattoo design apps and they’re really worth checking out. So kickoff with Inkhunter, you’ll never feel remorse.

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