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5 Best Websites to Download Chinese Movies

by Henry Emmanuel

It all started with crushing tiger, then over to house of flying dagger and we later settled with monster hunt and the great wall. It is quite unfortunate that Chinese movies are often overlooked by Westerners. Similar to Korean and Hong Kong Drama, the Chinese movie industry are unbelievably enormous. They offer a colossal number of interesting films that par with some of our favourite Nollywood movies. Looking at the educative aspects, watching a comedy filled, adventure and action-packed Mandarin Chinese movie can help ‘brush up’ our language skills. So with this in mind, we decided to list some of the best free Chinese movie download sites to watch Chinese movies and dramas online .

1. Youku

Download Chinese movies

We begin with youku, one of the legal and popular Chinese movie download website that hosts a slew of ‘contents’ that can be downloaded for free on any device. Youku is often referred to as an alternative to the famous YouTube in China. Aside from the classic user ‘interface’ it brings, you do be allured by its movie channels that ranges from chinese to foreign movies including top blockbusters. There’s also a youku app for Android that “brings” the best Chinese TV series, anime, varieties, comic, movies and documentaries and users can access, stream or download them for free.

Visit Youku

2. SubHD


It’s without doubt that Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, and if you happen to be a ‘Chinese’ citizen, chances are you aren’t fluent with English. This of course will hinder you from watching all of your favourite films. Fortunately, a site dubbed SubHD spawned, acting as the best place to download foreign movies with Chinese subtitles for free. The site’s user interface maybe ad-riddled, but its huge library of contents is worth looking into. SubHD brings daily update of new releases in high quality, and you’d get to stream or download them for offline viewing.

Visit SubHD.com

3. iQiyu

Download Chinese movies

Founded by China’s largest online search engine and often referred to as the Netflix of China, iQiyu ’emerges’ as one of the top rated video site in the world. It’s basically an online platform ‘created’ to allow users watch Chinese movies with ease. For one thing, the site’s user interface isn’t unique as it offers same “layouts and features” as seen in youku. That aside, iQiyu lets users stream both original and licensed movies, drama series, variety and documentaries. It also has an Android app that “provides” shows such as descendants of the sun but you do need to connect to a VPN if you are looking to watch all of iQiyu’s free movies outside China.

Visit iQiyu

4. KanKan

If you are seriously looking to download and watch Chinese movies online, then look into ‘kankan’ movies. It has a pretty solid selection and they’re plastered on a classic and nice user interface. When you arrive at the site for the first time, you do be marvelled at its collections. Users are allowed to “sort” movies by type, year and region. Kankan extra large library of films includes top blockbusters and recent heat and you can easily stream them with just a click. Unlike SubHD, it’s rare to find ads on kankan and you can choose to join the membership plan to have access to all of its premium features.

Visit KanKan

5. XiaZai001

Download Chinese movies

For none Chinese, “Xiazai001” is a pretty difficult name to pronounce or remember, so ensure to bookmark it. That aside, you do be “amazed’ to discover that XiaZai001 is one of the biggest website to download Chinese movies for free in the highest possible quality. The site itself seems more like a forum, but offers huge amount of contents that are overwhelming. Aside from Chinese movies and drama, XiaZai001 offers Hollywood films and TV shows coupled with music. With just a click, you’d get to download your favourite movies directly or via torrents in MP4 quality with Chinese, English or Korean subtitles.

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Wrapping Up

For some, they do think that Chinese movies suck. But personally, I think they are awesome. Infact, Chinese movies are graphically enriched and bring close to impeccable plots. Yes there are film tricks, but it’s one of the things that makes the overall experience interesting. The above Chinese movie download sites aren’t ranked in any particular order, since they’re all worth it. Also, it’d be difficult to navigate around them if you aren’t familiar with Chinese. So we recommend you use chrome as it’ll auto translate the language to English.

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