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9 Best Sites to Download Subtitles For Movies

by Henry Emmanuel

Subtitles are captions displayed at the lower part or bottom of a television screen and it mostly attempts to translate or transcribe the dialogue or narrative in a movie. There’s no doubt that a lot of people hate subtitles, but I love them, to the extent that i often use subtitles to watch movies filmed even in English. Foreign language Movies and TV Shows can urge you to download subtitles, especially if you want to understand the theme of the show.

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Aside from this, subtitles can come in handy when you want to hear what a character is saying during action sequences where loud noises may likely render their voice speech indistinct. It’s also useful for British Shows with heavy accent. Thankfully, there are a dozen of sites where you can download subtitles for your favourite TV Shows and Movies. So if you’d​ like to clarify and elevate your viewing experience, then here are the best websites to download subtitles for free.

1. OpenSubtitles


Opensubtitles is arguably the biggest multi-language subtitle site on the internet. With a simple and straightforward interface, you will get to find new subtitles for the latest movies and TV shows. Most of the subtitles on opensubtitles are created and uploaded by users, and you can easily download them in srt format. Aside from this, opensubtitles doesn’t require registration and moreover it offers advanced search filters to help its users find subtitles by genre, rating, year etc. There’s also an OSDownloader software made by opensubtitles and you can use it to download subtitles with just a single click.

2. Addic7ed


Next up, we have Addic7ed. One of the most popular place to download subtitles for free. Featuring a fast, comprehensive and an up-to-date subtitles for the latest movies and TV shows, Addic7ed is actually my preferred destination to download subtitles without fear of malware. One of Addic7ed unique strong point is none other than the “Quick Search” which allows users to select from a “slew of TV Shows and instantly find the appropriate subtitle they are looking for. On Addic7ed, you will get to find TV Shows and ‘Movies subtitles in English, Portuguese, French, Bulgarian and other languages.

3. Yifysubtitles


Yifysubtitles has being in the game long before they can admit it. Heading over to the site, you’ll be greeted with a sleek user interface and a list of the latest and recently added Movies, patiently waiting for you to grab and utilize their subtitles. Yifysubtitles for sure is clear and easy to navigate. Users can search for any of their favourite movie subtitles and download them in any suitable language they damn fit, be it in English, Korea, Chinese or Indonesia, yifysubtitles has it all. It is unequivocally one of the best subtitle site on the web.

4. Subscene


Subscene is a simple but yet feature-rich site to download subtitles with ease. Aside from offering the latest and popular subtitles for movies and TV shows, users will also get to discover a slew of music video subtitles all available to be downloaded for free. On the other side, subscene allows users to change the subtitle search filter, this feature comes in handy to help limit search results to a specified language. Users can also choose to include the “Hearing Impaired” feature for a good sound effect. For the record, most of the subtitles on subscene are uploaded by users and they’re quite accurate.

5. English Subtitles


Mostly at times, OpenSubtitles may seem to be a very complicated place to download subtitles for free. But don’t panic, as English Subtitles has spawned to become the best alternative to OpenSubtitles. For one thing, English Subtitles presents a nice and sleek design, with an intuitive search feature that is useful for finding TV shows and movies subtitles painstakingly. Aside from this, English Subtitles has in its database over 178022 movies subtitles and 176902 TV Shows subtitles. You can easily download original version and high quality subtitles for your “Movies​ and TV Shows – all from English subtitles.

6. Downsub


Downsub welcomes you with a friendly user interface, featuring a search bar that can be used to find Movies and TV Shows subtitles. Downsub is a free subtitle site that serves a a platform to download subtitles for any of your favourite series. Once you get to the site, you can simply enter the link of the video you want to download its subtitle and voila! you’ll be presented with subtitles for that particular movie – all in srt format and different languages. As of now, downsub supports the following sites; YouTube, Viki, DailyMotion, OnDemandKorea, Facebook, DramaFever, VLive, Kocowa, TV Naver and Drive. It’s really a great site to download subtitles for Korean​ Drama.

7. MovieSubtitles


Moviesubtitles is yet one of the best site to find and download subtitles for any of your favourite series painlessly. The sites user interface is neatly laid out, and exhibits subtitles for the latest and most popular Movies and TV Shows. With just a single click, you will get your subtitle in zip and of course you can easily use any third-party file extraction apps such as ZArchiver or WinZip to unrar the file & get your subtitle in srt format. In summary, Moviesubtitles is a great place for downloading subtitles for films.

8. iSubtitles


iSubtitles doesn’t offer much feature, but claims to have the largest collection of TV Shows and Movies subtitles – all available for free. The site’s user interface is just like any regular blog out there, clean, easy to use with simple navigation. On iSubtitles, you will get to discover tons and tons of subtitles for even the oldest movie in the world. Users can search by movie name and grab there subtitles instantly from the next screen. Subtitles of newly released movies and/or TV shows can be found on iSubtitles and you can download them in any language.

9. TVSubs


TVSubs user interface may seem passé but it is undoubtedly one of the best website to download subtitles for any of your favourite movies​ and TV shows. On TVSubs, you’ll get to discover a huge database of over 230725 subtitles and they can be downloaded for free. The site itself is simple to use, and on the homepage, you will be greeted with the most popular and newest movie subtitles. Users can even upload their own subtitles if they desire. Overall, TVSubs is really a great site and perhaps a one-step destination for downloading subtitles.

Wrapping Up

Downloading subtitles may not be quite a difficult task, provided you’re using VLC and MX Player. But if you are among the folks who aren’t a fan of this media players then we highly recommend the above listed sites for all your subtitle needs. Arguably, there are other places where you can download subtitles for free, but most of them are filled with pop-ups that may likely infect your device with virus. Before we round up, it is safe to mention that tvsubtitles.net is also a good place to download subtitles for free.

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