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Film Izle: Best Film Izle Sites to Watch Movies Online

by Henry Emmanuel

Moviegoers often “yearn” for true stories​, and they do respond to narrative features with hope, fear, glee and excitements​. We are of course in an ‘era’ where technology abounds​, and a lot of ‘people have already started ‘ditching’ their cinema hobby and televisions to comfortably watch movies online. Due to this new trend, MoviePass started imploding, and the price of movie streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu started going up. With sense, you’d know it is high time to start ‘looking elsewhere for affordable ‘entertainment at zero cost. So if you’re a film enthusiast who do want to stream a ton of top trending movies for free, then this film izle websites should be your go-to.

1. Fullhdfilmizlesene


We kickoff with fullhdfilmizlesene, one of the “most popular, feature-rich” and user-friendly film izle website that offers quite a colossal number of HD movies available to be streamed for free. Fullhdfilmizlesene is technically a platform that allows users to watch the latest “Hollywood movies” in the highest possible quality. Its main goal is to give users ‘viewing pleasure from the comfort of their homes instead of going to the cinema. All that is required is a device with an internet connection. Compared to other movie streaming websites on the internet, fullhdfilmizlesene doesn’t in anyway promote pop-ups and that’s one of the reasons why it’s widely used.


Of course, they do have ‘adverts’ here and there, but trust me, you won’t notice these ads while using the site since they aren’t intrusive. Aside from this pros, one of the essential things that’ll quickly ‘allure’ you to fullhdfilmizlesene is the user interface. Every “nook and cranny” of the website is neatly and clearly laid out, and you do get to see a ton of ‘trending’ movies to stream for free. Directly from “fullhdfilmizlesene” homepage, you can access the ‘side menu which will “reveal a slew of options” such as the ability to sort movies by years, see the most viewed films, filter and discover new movies according to IMDB score.

Visit fullhdfilmizlesene.net

2. 720p-izle


720p-izle is one of the “no-nonsense” film izle website that was designed to “solely” provide users with ‘full-length’ movies in high quality. For one thing, when you try to access the site, you do be ‘prompted’ to solve a captcha. Personally, this “security technique​ is a bit outdated since they end up annoying users. As a site owner, if you do want to protect your website from bots, you don’t need a captcha verification tool to help you “distinguish” whether or not a user is human. I strongly recommend you move to the ‘right platform’ that has a bot protection feature. Facts aside, once you are able to log in to 720p-izle, then you do be marvelled at its slew of contents.


720p-izle offers almost the same design as seen in the previously mentioned site fullhdfilmizlesene, but this time, it comes with some extra features. Yeah, there’s no annoying pop-ups as usual, but you do get to see some adverts which is explainable, since it’s their primary source of revenue. Coming to the “user interface”, there isn’t much to emphasis since it brings an easy and “intuitive” navigation system. On the right lies the ‘categories’ which are sorted by type and by content. Of course, you will see ‘IMDb top 250′ movies on the platform, and all of the “recently added’ films on the site are available to be “streamed” in 720p quality.

Visit 720p-izle.com

3. Jetfilmizle


Jetfilmizle is yet another film izle website that is really worth mentioning. Once you head over to the site, you’d be astonished at the design. The interface looks classic and every videos on the site are arranged in grid thumbnails. Jetfilmizle looks pretty solid, it is fast and most importantly, free to use. Unlike the above two mentioned film izle sites, jetfilmizle does bring pop-ups which is a little bit annoying, but if you’re swift enough to close any window that opens automatically aside from the main page, then you’re safe to explore its huge collection of contents.


Streaming full-length high quality movies on jetfilmizle is a great pleasure, the site makes use of cyberlockers such as Openload and often ensures that all of its links are active. On jetfilmizle, you’d get to see a ton of trending and popular films including yerli film izle and one thing that allures me to the platform is its comment system. The video player embedded on the platform makes it extremely easy to watch movies with just a click, and you won’t be interrupted ever. So overall, jetfilmizle is really worth giving a try.

Visit Jetfilmizle.net

Wrapping Up

Film izle is hugely popular in Turkey and Germany, and if you happen to live in one of this countries, then you are in luck, as we have just unmasked the best website that’ll let you watch the film without paying a dime. They’re user-friendly, does not bring intrusive or annoying pop-ups and most importantly, they brings quite a colossal number of HD Movies available to be streamed for free. In summary, do ensure to patronise them often.

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