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SolarMovie – Watch Movies Online on SolarMovies Free (2018)

by Henry Emmanuel

There’s literally no doubt that every age has its storytelling form, and watching movies have​ become a huge part of our culture. People are often enthralled with movies in the same way they fancy video games and as technology keeps evolving, thus making things a whole lot easier, the urge to visit the theatre or cinema centre is gradually fading, as people now prefer to watch movies online in the comfort of their homes. As movie freaks, we have all been to one of those websites that lets us stream movies without paying a dime and most of these sites sounds too good to be true; some sort of is and SolarMovie happens to fall into this arena.

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What is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is an online media streaming service that allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free. With over 1 million pageviews per month, you will agree with me that SolarMovies is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known movie streaming site on the internet. Its catalog consists of a colossal amount of newly released films and you’ll also get to find old ones too. For one thing, solar movies is incredibly fast and its videos are in high quality.

It Was Taken Down

An emotional and unforseen development strucked, leading to the shutdown of a ton of piracy sites. Before the downpour, solar movies practically stood out amongst the most noticeable, but its reign didn’t get to last for long, as it “vanished” into thin air after “migrating” its domain from .COM to .SC. Following this unfortunate incident, a ton of SolarMovie’s users saw days of gloom, but where soon consoled with the re-appearance of the site. But why was it taken offline for the first time?

But Why?

Personally, I think that the easiest way to stop online piracy is not by putting an anti-piracy technology to work. Rather, legal movie streaming sites such as Hulu and Netflix should give people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving from pirates. It is without doubt that SolarMovie​ fall under the legally murky arena, but it offers the best movies and TV shows without asking its users to sign up or pay whatever fees.

The site ‘supports’ itself by using adverts, some are ‘visible’ at the sidebar, while the annoying ones pops up when you click on the movie you want to stream. This is one of SolarMovie’s downside, as this pop-ups once ignored, can automatically ‘lead’ you to a ‘benign’ site (if you are lucky) or some pornography platform that will attempt to install malware programs on your device. So here’s the thing, SolarMovie​ isn’t legal and it isn’t​ safe either. So that is probably the reason why it was taken offline.

A New Domain Appeared


Despite the fact that SolarMovie  distributes movies for profit without due permissions from the copyright holder, the site is still trying to survive and its main aim is to become the ultimate hub for people who can’t afford to pay to watch movies online. Fortunately, a few days after it went offline, it spontaneously appeared with a new domain and still offers all the movies and TV shows that was available in the first domain. So out we go with solarmovie.sc and in comes solarmoviez.ru

Stream From It

From here, we’ll be walking you through the steps to watch movies online on the real SolarMovie website. So if you have got your mobile device or computer ready, then here’s how to stream SolarMovie’s TV shows and movies for free.

Start by heading over to solarmoviez.ru and you will be greeted with an easy-to-use and simple user interface. Just at the center lies the search bar, it comes in handy if you don’t have any movie name off-hand, you can simply click the Movies or TV-Series option at the top to see all of SolarMovie’s media collections.


The hamburger menu sitted at the top-left corner of the site once clicked, will reveal a ton of movie genres to choose from, and you can painlessly request for any of your favourite TV shows and movies and it will be uploaded without questions. Of course SolarMovie brings with it handy features, and that’s to filter movies by release date, country and quality. Moreover, users can sort by latest down to most viewed, and even see a list of IMDb top rated movies.


Now simply select the movie or TV show you want to stream (endeavour to block the pop-ups on time) and you will be presented with the movie’s description alongside other informations. Go ahead and click “Watch Movie” then tap the video play icon that’ll appear at the next page and you’ll be good to go. Do note that you can switch between serves while streaming on SolarMovie, so if you encounter sluggishness or slowness in the auto selected server, you can easily choose another one.


Important Notice

You’d know that illegal video streaming websites doesn’t last for long, when they go offline a ton of similar sites will spawn, impersonating the original. SolarMovie site wasn’t exempted, as sites like SolarMovie.net and SolarMovie​.st appeared immediately and started acting as an alternative after its shutdown. But as we already mentioned, SolarMoviez.ru is the real domain that you should be using.

Wrapping Up

SolarMovie is changing how we watch movies online. It’s literally the robinhood of our time and its vast array of movies and TV Shows are unequivocal. So if you are looking to quench your movie needs, make SolarMovie your number one destination.

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