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How to Get iPhone X Features on Android

by Henry Emmanuel

iPhone X is one of the most sensational device that offers plethora features. But the price tag isn’t something you can swallow easily, and you’d have to wait a little bit longer until the device ships into the smartphone market.

Image: TechCrunch via YouTube

Apple’s iPhone X brings a completely overhauled design, with spectacular edge-to-edge display that nearly covered the entire front of the device. This is one of the exceptional concept that made the device stand aside from its mates​. iPhone X/10 brought some cool features that are quite rare in older iPhones. Most of this features includes notch, face ID, animoji and the ‘all new’ gesture multitasking. While many technophiles will prefer to wait until November 3 to get this features, geeks who are eager to try something new won’t take that chance. Therefore, we’ll have to use a workaround to get most of the iPhone X features on Android.

1. Notch


Have you seen that weird bump on top of the iPhone X screen? It’s called notch. Apple integrated it when they introduced the new Face ID (a replacement for Touch ID). While some thinks the notch is cool, my opinion is contrary to that. But the notch is connected to the Face ID which uses infrared camera to scan your face and unlock your phone. If you’re​ eager to get the new iPhone X notch on your Android phone, then XOutOf10 will surely help you with that. The app simulates iPhone X notch on your device without root access and you won’t have to spend $999 to get this feature. Grab the app on Google Play Store now and enjoy the camera notch that covers the iPhone X screen on your Android phone.

2. Face ID


The introduction of Face ID on iPhone X is a great concept, as you won’t have to go through the hassles of unlocking your phone with password. iPhone X Face ID scans your face through the infrared camera and thus your device gets unlocked and you can log into it. There’s a similar app on android that can give you that functionality and that’s Zoom Login. The app uses a 3D facial recognition algorithm and ultra-secure selfie-style face authentication to unlock  your smartphone. Alternatively, there is an inbuilt “Smart Lock” feature on Android 5.0 lollipop that unlocks your phone using your face. Go to settings and see if it’s there, then set it up.

3. Gestures

If you decide to buy the iPhone X, then you’ll have to re-learn how iPhone works. Apple ditched the Home button on the iPhone X to introduce a bottomless display and in this way, you’ll only access iPhone X menu by swiping up from the bottom. This gesture comes quite in handy for multitasking, and you can use All in one Gestures for Android to get iPhone X swipe-to-go-home gesture. The app hides your device’s soft keys and allows you to control your phone with simple gestures. One of the plethora features it offers is the ability to enable immersive mode on device running on Android 5.0 lollipop. So get the app, set it up, swipe your finger across the screen and the action you want will be performed.

4. Animoji


Animoji is one of the features introduced in iOS 11, it is simply the animated version of the popular emojis found on older iPhones. On iPhone X, animoji will use the Face ID recognition to create custom 3D emoji based on your facial expressions and this will be animated in-real time before you send it across to your recipients as a looping video with audio. With iPhone X, you’ll be able to create cool animated emojis​ based on a scan of your face. For Android users, you can try this Animoji for Phone X app, since it creates stunning emoji of your eyes and face. The app doesn’t bring an exact animoji functionality as seen in iPhone X, but it’s close to it.

Final Words

iPhone X offers lots of handy features that’ll make your smartphone experience easy. It isn’t an overpriced piece of metal, and you’d love the device for what it is. So if you’re an Android user, and you want to show your friends what the open source operating system can do, then the above iPhone X feature can help you with that. They’re simply the best, go grab them now!.

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