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How to Get Smart Reply on Android Chat Apps​

by Henry Emmanuel

In a world where tête-à-tête seems pretty much easier, reading and responding to various messages sent by a friend could be a bit of a hassle especially when we are on the go. Moreover, most of these messages often do not need an elaborate reply, as a simple “No Thanks” or “I’m Fine” could do the job. Having known this, Google went ahead to integrate smart reply on Allo and Gmail Inbox, thus saving time by suggesting quick responses to our messages.

The good news however is that Google has decided to bring “Reply” on other popular chat apps including Facebook messenger, Hangouts, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Slack and Android messages. Reply acts like a messaging bot and it uses machine language to give carefully chosen smart replies to messages. The more you use it, the more it suggests better and quicker response. So if you’d wish to offer smart and quick answers to your messages, then here’s how to get Google smart reply on Android chat apps notifications.

Install Reply

To get Google smart “Reply” app on your Android device, users can either sign up here to request access to the beta version. Or you can easily skip the whole hassle by downloading Google’s smart Reply app APK directly from here. Do ensure you enable installation from Unknown Source before sideloading the app.

Setup Reply

Next up, you will want to setup reply. So go ahead and open the app. From here, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Google account for personalized replies. Once that’s done, the app (reply) will again ask you to grant it special permissions to put suggestions in your notifications. So go ahead and toggle the button next to Reply. Then look for reply in the notification access list and allow it to see your notifications.


On the next screen, reply will urge you to enable your device’s location. This will help it provide perfect suggestions for a “Where are you” query. So go ahead and allow reply to access your device’s location. Once you’re done, you can then choose either to switch off or on the vacation responder (and other options). Note that if you opt-in for the latter, then reply will automatically send vacation replies to your recipients based on your calendar.

Aside from this, users can also setup reply to automatically respond to messages when they are busy. Assuming you are driving or riding a bike, then a message pops-up. Reply will place your device on Do Not Disturb and it’ll send an automatic response to the recipient. Also, users can choose to silence their phone and let reply do its thing when they are running, sleeping, walking, or in a train.


When you’re done with the setup and you’ve arrived at reply’s homepage, simply access the side menu. From here, you wil be able to see the automatic replies feature, an option to scan messages, filter spam and configure home & work addresses. Ignore this options and jump into Apps. From here, select the chat apps you wish to turn on reply for.

Use Reply

Now that we are done setting up reply, let’s see how it works. So go ahead and open any chat app that allow users to respond directly from the notification shade. Then once a message pops-up, reply will provide a quick and carefully chosen smart replies in form of suggestions. Users can then select which response seems more appropriate.


Google’s smart Reply app is in one word awesome. Personally, I love the fact that the app is able to offer automatic responses to messages sent by recipients or friends. For a reply like this, a robot emoji is usually placed beside the message to enable the receiver distinguish between an automated message and a normal message. Also reply’s location ability is based on GPS tracking. So it can answer questions such as when can you be home?.

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