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8 Best Cartoon Download Sites for 2019

by Henry Emmanuel

Cartoons are often exaggeration or perhaps caricatures, but they are the very nature of fantasy since they aren’t realistic. Kids love to watch cartoons, they are a great source of fun and as a parent, you are expected to provide your children with a list of selected, good and best cartoon series to watch in other to improve their spoken English. For one thing, most of the best animated series aren’t meant for kids only. Parents can also join in watching any of these best animation series with their children to help regulate or limit time spent on TV.

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Knowing fully well that cartoons have an incredibly creative sense of humor, you’d definitely feel the urge to look out for the best cartoon sites online. While the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and Cartoon Network may come in handy for streaming cartoon shows online, they still aren’t enough. So if you are among the 90s kids, ready to take off your nostalgia glasses for a whole new childhood experience, then here are the best cartoon download sites.

1. KimCartoon


KimCartoon reputation is widely known. It’s one of the best websites that allows users to download and watch high quality cartoon movies or episodes for free. One thing that glue me to this site is the fact that it doesn’t promote annoying pop-up ad. Aside from that, KimCartoon offers the latest and best cartoon series sorted by popularity and alphabet. KimCartoon itself is easy-to-use and users can ‘request for new cartoons from different genres including action, war, supernatural and adventure.

Visit Kimcartoon.me

2. CartoonsOn


CartoonsOn provides wide collection of HD free cartoons for a variety of device. The site itself brings a simple user interface and you can search for any of your favourite cartoon with ease. When you select a cartoon movie or episode on CartoonsOn, you’ll be greeted with a brief description of that show. At the far end lies the “watch now” button which when clicked, automatically starts playing the specific cartoon painlessly. CartoonsOn also offers latest cartoon updates and it is the best place to discover Hanna-Barbera animation series.

Visit Cartoonsons.com

3. 9Cartoon


9Cartoon is one of the best website to watch cartoons for free. The site gives users the privilege to search for any of their favourite cartoon episodes and stream them easily. Accessing 9cartoon’s homepage, you will be able to discover a list of latest and newly updated cartoon movies. Selecting any of these animated series will unveil a brief description relating to that particular cartoon and you can watch it directly from there. The site is clear and brings easy navigation.

Visit 9cartoon.me

4. KissCartoon


If you are looking for the best alternative to KimCartoon, then KissCartoon should come into consideration. On KissCartoon, you’ll get to discover a ton of cartoon episodes and movies in high quality including 420p to 720p. KissCartoon’s database brings latest animation series that are updated regularly. The site is quite arranged and almost all of its cartoons are being sorted alphabetically. Overall, KissCartoon is worth using since it let’s you stream new cartoon episodes for free.

Visit Kisscartoon.ac

5. Cartoonextra


Cartoonextra is another cool website to find free cartoon movies. If you are looking to watch Ferdinand, Elena of Avalon and other popular animated series, then cartoonextra should be your go to. Directly from the site’s homepage, you will be greeted with a list of cartoons arranged in grid-style. Aside from this, cartoonextra user interface is quite attractive and let’s users stream most of their favourite cartoon series without any hassle.

Visit Cartoonextra.co

6. ToonOva


Arriving at toonova, you’ll be greeted with an annoying pop-up ad but if you are able to excercise patient and skip those ad, then you will​ discover a site filled with a vast selection of cartoons from different genres such as comedy, family, thriller, sci-fi and horror. Toonova brings new and updated cartoon episodes and awesome animation movies like disney’s Coco, adventure times, teenage mutant ninja turtles and star wars. The site is sometimes difficult to navigate due to pop-ups, but streaming cartoons will be breeze and you can download toon mobile app for cartoon streaming.

Visit Toonova.net

7. Cartoon8


Cartoon8 isn’t that popular, but it offers a decent amount of cartoon series and movies available to be streamed for free. Compared to toonova, cartoon8 doesn’t bring irritating pop-ups and its user interface is alluring. Once you access the site, you do get to see a list of cartoons including Simba, Alvin and the chipmunks etc. Simply select or search for any of your favourite cartoon and you’re good to go. Cartoon8 is definitely among the best website to watch cartoons online for free.

8. MyCoolMoviez

If you are looking for the best websites to download animated movies in hindi, then mycoolmoviez should be your go to. The site offers tons and tons of animated or cartoon series in high definition and they are sorted alphabetically and can be downloaded for free of course. Mycoolmoviez is good no doubt, but it has a lot of annoying ads and pop-ups that might irritate you. Overall, it’s definitely a place to discover animated movies download in hindi.

Visit MyCoolMoviez.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best cartoon sites you can use. They are free, safe-to-use and brings a list of the most popular and new cartoon movies for you to watch. If you aren’t fond of  cartoons, then don’t deny your kids the chance to have a good time. But do it wisely and endeavour to limit the time they spend watching cartoons since it can lead to obesity. Overall, these are the best websites to download cartoon movies subbed/dubbed in English.


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