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How to Block Ads In Android Apps Without Rooting

by Henry Emmanuel

Google Mobile Adsense or perhaps other alternatives has been one of the best and the most popular way for developers to earn money. Apparently every Android developer reluctantly integrates adverts in his or her apps in other to earn some “cash”. While advertisements seems to be inevitable on every device, they’re been harassed tremendously. The Google Play Store offers a ton of paid version apps which have ads removed from them, but the Free ones aren’t immune from ads!. Pop-up Ads can cause terrible hassle and doesn’t seem to be convenient for most Android users. Getting rid of pop-up Ads can be simple if you can trace the source (app) and uninstall them.

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If perhaps you have ever sought a way to avoid been bombarded with annoying ads on your Android device, then you are probably at the right place. A ton of ad-blocking Android apps provides several methods for achieving a relatively ad-free experience, all of which are not very difficult to employ. Now before you sip your coffee, you should know that tech viola will be funded by ads in the nearest feature, so don’t block ads on our blog since the monetization will serve as a source of income to pay our team. Now if you’ve got your Android device rooted, below is the full guide to block ads in Android apps, games and browsers including pop-up ads, YouTube ads and others. All of which doesn’t requires root access except if necessary.

#1. Block Ads With Adguard

Adguard for Android is a remarkable web filter that protects you from advertising, malicious and phishing websites, online tracking and much more. The app handles all types of internet ads, speeds up page load, saves bandwidth and increases your device protection against any possible threats. Adguard filters traffic on your device by using local VPN and local HTTP proxy mode and this doesn’t require root privileges.

Adguard is inconvenient for Google & it’s Play Store, so you’ll need to install the app from their official website. But first, ensure that unknown sources is enabled on your Android. To achieve this, head over to your device’s Settings->Security then scroll down & check the Unknown Sources option. From here, head back & install the Adguard Android app. That’s all, it’s time to block Ads in apps, games and browser using Adguard.

Adguard is an easy-to-use and intuitive app, with just a one button tap, you can start your protection right away. To block Ads using Adguard, we will be using the YouTube app for example. To begin with, open Adguard and navigate to Advance Settings, from here, select high-speed as the “Filtering Method”. Next you’ll need to enable “HTTPS filtering” via Adguard Settings as it’s necessary for decrypting the data sent to YouTube by its servers. To do this, navigate to Settings -> HTTPS Filtering then read & install the Adguard certificate.

Now choose either the local HTTP mode or local VPN. The next step is to clear the Youtube app data. To do so, head over to your device’s Settings and dive into the “Application Manager” option. From here, select the Youtube app and tap the “Clear Data” button. If perhaps your Android device is rooted, you can easily automate this process by heading over to the Adguard Settings -> Advanced -> Low Level Settings -> then scroll to find the pref.root.clear.youtube preference option and check it. That’s all.

#2. Block Ads With Lucky Packer

Lucky patcher is one of the most popular Android tools that can be used to patch just about anything. With lucky patcher, you can securely remove in-app Ads and this process can be achieved on Android with or without root access. Thus to get this one going, you’ll need to download and install Lucky Patcher on your mobile. Then locate and open the app from your device’s app drawer. From here, grant it root access i.e if prompted.

Now you’ll taken to lucky patcher’s main interface, wait till it automatically loads all the apps installed on your Android phone. This process can take few second to complete so be patient. Next yoyou’ll need to select the specific app you want to remove it’s Ads. For example we’ll be removing Ads from the Apex Launcher app. Thus simply tap on it and a menu will appear.

The pop-up menu (in lucky patcher) will unveil a ton of different options for you to dive into, but we aren’t here to play around. So tap on the “Open Menu Of Patches” to continue. From here, you’ll see a similar but different pop-up menu that also brings essential options. Select the “Remove Google Ads” followed by “Patch To Remove Google Ads” which you’ll see on the next window.

We’re almost through here!. Now once you tap on the Patch to remove Google Ads, you’ll find a ton of options that you can tick and untick. Simply ignore them all and tap on the “Apply” button. Then wait for a few seconds in other to enable lucky patcher to patch the selected app thereby removing it’s Ads. Now once the patching process is successfully carried out, you’ll see a nice result.

Note that when you reboot your Android device after applying the Patch, the Ads might reappear again. Thus to remove any in-app Ads permanently with lucky patcher, you’ll need to find and enable the “Apply On Boot” option, so that whenever you restart your mobile, the patch will be active. Enjoy an ad free experience on your phone.

#3. Block Ads With AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus or ADB is a free extension for your Android device that allows you to block annoying ads, disable tracking and block domains known to spread malwares. The app uses filters that you choose to block all unwanted elements on your mobile. Adblock Plus itself does not have functionality, it doesn’t block anything until you “tell” it what to block by adding external filter lists. This Filter lists are essentially an extensive set of rules that informs Adblock Plus which elements of a website to block.

Adblock Plus can block intrusive popups and annoying ads on Facebook, YouTube, Android apps, games, browsers and more without requiring any root access. Just as Adguard, installing Adblock Plus will also require “Unknown Source” enabled from your device. Simply head over to Settings -> Application or Security and enable the option. Once you’re done, download the AdBlock Plus app and install it on your Android device.

From here, grant the app root access if prompted and if perhaps your device is not rooted, then you’ll need to manually set up proxy on your device by following the instructions from here. Now Adblock Plus will start blocking intrusive ads on your Android device without any hassles. You can also configure the filter list, the intrusive ads and other options via the Adblock Plus app’s Settings.

Final Words

A huge catalogue of adblocking apps are available to be installed from the Google Play Store, however we’ve presented the best among them all. If perhaps you find this apps inconvenient for blocking any ads, you can search or browse for some Xposed modules that offers the same functionality. Note that some browsers brings an Adblock option with them, it’s only left for you to figure out and enable them. In summary we’d hope you enjoy an Ad-free experience on your Android device.

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Thanks a ton. I was looking for the same especially for non-rooted device. But we can always use Lucky Patcher for rooted device to do so.


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