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How to Control Your Android Phone With Your Face Or Head

by Henry Emmanuel

If perhaps you’ve a disability that affects your hands, arms etc. Then this situation can probably cause a barrier between you and your touch-based interface android smartphone. While android has been the best platform for aspiring developers, there’s actually no limit to what can be achieved in the computing world. Face-tracking software requires lot’s of computing skills and practice to come up with something tangible. However the Spanish Vodafone foundation has come up with an app that can completely control your android device with just the movement of your face.

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The app “eva facial mouse” is a free and open source application that allows you to access functions on your android device by means of tracking your face captured through the frontal or selfie camera. Now based on the movement of your face, the app allows you to control a mouse pointer on the screen which provides direct access to most elements on your interface without having to lift your finger. While the app seems to come of beneficial, there’s also a limitation since it does not work with most games.

Install Eva Facial Mouse

To begin with, you’ve to start by installing Eva Facial Mouse from the Google playstore. It’s completely a free app and brings tons of plethora features. Now once the app installation is completed, simply locate it from your device app drawer and tap on it to open.

Eva facial Mouse

Grant Permission

Upon the first launch of Eva facial mouse, you’ll be asked to enable accessibility to the app. Hit “OK” on the pop up that appeared and you will be taken to the accessibility menu. Now select Eva facial mouse and on the next screen toggle the icon at the upper right corner of the screen. Then tap “OK” from the next pop-up that will appear.

Eva facial Mouse

After that, you’ve to accept the terms and conditions as requested by the app. Note if you’re running android marshmallow or higher, you’ve to “allow Eva facial mouse to take pictures and record video” from your device. Once done, you’ll be greeted by the app “Setup wizard”.

Eva facial Mouse

Set Eva As Your Default Keyboard

Simply tap “Next” twice to arrive at the app keyboard menu. Now read the instructions as directed and then make sure you click on “Settings”at the middle of the screen to configure the keyboard. You’ll be taken to your device Settings, from there scroll down and click on “Language & Input”.

Eva facial Mouse

Now things may vary on this part depending on the device you’re using. For android kitkat users, tick the “Eva keyboard” and tap “Ok” to accept the warning. Then tap the “Default” option and select “Eva Keyboard” from the list. If perhaps you’re using newer version of android device you’ve to make sure you set the Eva keyboard to default.

Eva facial Mouse

Once you navigate back to the app, you will see a “√” icon showing you’ve successfully enabled eva keyboard as your default keyboard. Now hit the “Next” button to arrive at the face detecting screen where the main but little bit task emerges.

Eva facial Mouse

Detecting Your Face

Now the Eva facial mouse app will try to detect your face. Position your device facing the face with your head in a natural direction around 30-50cm.  Now notice the “viewer” at the top of the screen. Make sure you centre your face there. Note: For eva facial Mouse app to detect your face, you’ve to be in a good light condition. Once the app says “face detected”, simply tap “Next”.

Eva facial Mouse

From here, a mouse pointer will appear. Once you move your head up, down, left or right, the cursor will follow your lead. Now if the pointer seems to be moving too fast or slow. Use the buttons on the screen to adjust the horizontal and vertical pointer speed or movement. Once you’re done, read the instructions that guides you on how the mouse pointer works.

Eva facial Mouse

Control Your Android Phone By Moving Your Head

Once you finish the setup, you can now completely control your android device by moving your head in different direction and the mouse pointer will follow your lead immedately. Now when you want to select an element on the screen, simply hover to the app and place the mouse pointer on it for a few seconds. Then a pop-up will appear asking if you want to click the item or long-click on it. Hover the pointer by tilting your head to your desirable choice and the app will instantly launch.

Eva facial Mouse

Now notice the “dock menu” or toolbar at the left edge of the screen. It’s main function is to allow quick access to a number of functions. Thus you can use it to navigate back or minimize your device. Also when you want to scroll through screen, an icon will appear beneath or above the screen to enable you do that.

Final Words

While Eva facial mouse application is something everyone needs, the app still needs some little improvement. However it’s pretty fine as it is for now. But I just think that selecting an option can be done with just a blink of the eye. Other than this, Eva facial mouse can allow you to completely control your android device with just your head. There’s no root needed for the app to perform more better.

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