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5 Sites Like MyReadingManga to Read Manga Online

by Henry Emmanuel


At a young age, I was really interested in comic books. It thought me how to read and even made me pretty secular and anti-authoritarian to the extent that nothing is above satire in my eyes. Manga is awesome literally, it’s a style of Japanese comic books and graphics novels aimed at adults as well as children. The comic became a big hit by offering unique storylines and characters from a broad range of genres such as action, adventure, comedy, horror, down to erotica. For one thing, Manga is ideal for leisure periods and knowing how this comics improve our mental states‚Äč, sites like myreadingmanga spawned, acting as the best platform to read Manga online.

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But is it? Really, the best Manga sites are not judged by design, they are acclaimed by the number of contents they offer. For this, myreadingmanga stands out in all ramifications. It has quite a huge library of Manga available to be read for free, but one of its downside is the slew of pop-up ads it promotes, they’re really annoying. Personally, I believe ads are like amnesia in any Manga site, they are necessary but annoying. So if you are tired of seeing all those money-making ad and probably want a change of scenerio, then here are the best sites like myreadingmanga to read Manga online for free.

1. Comic Walker


Comic Walker is my personal go-to when I feel like catching up on some good Manga and it has not disappointed me so far. The site appeared after Kadokawa became fed up with the “scanlations” going on in the Manga world. The goal was simple, create an “online platform” where users can read Manga for free without hassles. On Comic Walker, you’ll get to see “tons and tons” of popular titles that can be “accessed” with or without registration. Although signing in will give you an edge, since you will be able to create a library of favorites, mark “already viewed” Manga as read and even get notifications when new titles are published. Comic Walker is good, and it lets you translate the site in English, Chinese and Japanese languages.

Visit Comic-Walker.

2. Manga Rock


Manga truly rocks, and you are about to discover the best Manga website that is similar to myreadingmanga. Mangarock is typically notable for its no-nonsense and no-string attached approach to Manga. It’s obviously a portal designed to allow users read Manga online painlessly, and one things I like about the site is that it offers even the oldest and latest Manga from a variety of genres and they all come with completed chapters and high quality images. Aside from this, mangarock has a dedicated app that allows users to easily download Manga and read whilst offline. The app itself is free and offers seamless reading experience which makes it one of the best Manga reader app out there. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Visit Manga Rock.

3. KissManga


My initial visit to KissManga was infact memorable. Yes, I encountered annoying pop-ups here and there, but was swift enough to stop them. KissManga is unequivocally the most popular website to comfortably read Manga online. One thing that allure me to the platform is its comment section, I’m yet to come across any Manga site that lets you express your view on a Manga you’ve read and moreover they provide addictive Manga that has good resolution. Coming to the library, KissManga offers a colossal amount of titles and it uploads new Manga chapters daily. You’d get to sort your favourite Manga by alphabets and popularity and you can show all pages in one screen. The latter is quite a unique feature.

Visit KissManga.

4. Manga Reader


The name says it all. Manga Reader is one of the best site “designed” to allows users read Manga online. It offers hundreds and thousands of English translated Manga and they are all in HD quality. For one thing, I personally love Manga reader’s ‘layout’. It is clean, cclear, easy and simple to use. The homepage greets users with recently uploaded Manga, and once you ‘decide’ to dive deeper, you’d get to see popular and latest releases. Despite the fact that Manga reader brings pop-up ads, they aren’t intrusive as the ones present in myreadingmanga and the best part is that their library boasts legendary titles such as Naruto and World trigger. So go ahead and bookmark this site for all your Manga needs.

Visit Manga Reader.

5. Manga Dex


Combine KissManga with MangaDex and you will definitely erase myreadingmanga from your bookmarks. The site itself is top notch, and “directly’ from the home menu, you’ll get to personalise how you want the site to look at your end. It is quite a handy feature, and I love the layout. Unlike other Manga sites, it’s easy to track what’s new on MangaDex and moreover with the help of the eye icon option, you will be able to identify the Manga you have read. MangaDex seems pretty solid, it doesn’t bring pop-ups like what’s seen on myreadingmanga and for one thing, you can even download most of their English translated Manga on your device so you can read them when you don’t have internet connection.

Visit MangaDex.

Wrapping Up

Myreadingmanga free form of offering the latest and most popular Manga is in short quite amazing, they’ve a slew of contents from different genres including romance, science fiction, mystery and sports. But you’d certainly lose interest in the site once you encounter two or three redirections. So the above listed sites are undoubtedly the best alternative to myreadingmanga. They’re completely free and (some) doesn’t bring annoying pop-ups.

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