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How to Get Google Pixels New Rounded App Icons On Your Android Phone

by Henry Emmanuel

We are sharing the best and safest method to get the pixel rounded icons on your android phones. With mandated apps recommended in other to achieve this. Read more below!.

Google pixel was the newest flagship phone ever in the Google pixel line smartphone, realeased earlier this year. Google over the decades are turning much into handset manufacturers after making the android software and they’re taking every bit of it serious.  As a new owner of the Google pixel smartphone launched with android 7.0 nougat, you probably will notice some of the rare features packed in the pixel device and the rounded icons are one of them.

The home screen rounded corners on the Google pixel device looks very cool and awesome and now Non-pixel smartphone owners can easily get the Google pixel rounded icons without any stress. Since the developers made it easy to extract some of the pixel essential software features and thus you can get the pixel rounded corners on your android phone with ease.

How To Get Google Pixel Rounded Corners On Your Android Phone

Getting the pixel rounded icons feature on your android phone is very easy and consumes less time. Follow the instructions as it flows and also download the recommended apps before proceeding.


Steps To Get Pixel rounded icons On Your Android Phone.

1.) To begin with, make sure you have downloaded the recommended apps mention above and save it on your sdcard. Launch your es file explorer and locate the downloaded zip file Pixels Rounded app icons. Long press the pixelLauncherIcons.zip and select the extract to option and extract the selected files to your desired location.

We are not done yet, for now you have to remember the location were you extracted the above named file as we are going to return to it later.

2.) Now open the awesome icon app you downloaded earlier on and tap the drop down menu to select your current default launcher. Then tap any compatible image app icons. Below are the compatible app icons…

  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Messenger
  • Google Photos
  • Google Search
  • Hangouts
  • Newsstand
  • Phone
  • Play Books
  • Play Games
  • Play Movies & TV
  • Play Music
  • Settings
  • Voice Search
  • YouTube

For now, the above listed apps are the comprehensive selections and be sure to expect more compatible app icons in the nearest future.

3.) After you tap on the image app icon, a pop box will emerge (as shown above), select any desired file browser and located the extracted Pixel rounded app Icon folder. Now make sure you select the corresponding rounded icon for the app you previously selected. (Example: when you select the map app icon, then you have to also select the map rounded icon on the extracted pixel rounded app icon folder). After the selection, you will now see the possibility to crop it. Make sure its centered correctly during the cropping process. Tap on Crop then hit Ok.

And that’s it, you will have to manually follow the steps above for each rounded app icon. Once you set all of them, the awesome app icon will add them to your home screen. Also note that the rounded app ICO will only be displayed on the honescreen and the default app icon in the app drawer will still be the same.

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