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PubFilm Is Down! Best Alternative Sites Like Pubfilm Online

by Henry Emmanuel



One of the best things to do on a money-free “weekend” is to watch movies. There are obviously a ton of options here, either you watch your favourite movies “locally” on your television, or you can simply cut the cord, ditch the cables and stream any film online. Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, DVDs are gradually going into extinction. Now, one such site that allows users to “painlessly” watch movies online from the comfort of their home or office is pubfilm. It ‘single-handedly’ spawned and have ‘bagged millions of passionate users since its invention.

Following the site popularity, MPAA filed a 19 million dollars ‘lawsuit’ against them and it was instantly taken offline. After a short period of time, pubfilm surprisingly appeared, this time with a ‘relatively’ new domain and with the help of cyberlockers it has being able to circumvent the law in most countries. Pubfilms is awesome, but its slew of pop-up ads can be ‘really really annoying. So if you are tired of seeing ads while trying to stream movies on pubfilm, then here are ‘better’ alternative sites like pubfilm to watch movies online for free.

1. Netflix


Netflix ‘actually’ shook things up, I won’t be surprise if by the ‘next coming’ year, a revolution is made to solely build Netflix and Wi-Fi into all televisions. Obviously, we are all familiar with Netflix. A popular streaming service that lets users watch a vast library of movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. Binge watching was actually what made Netflix ‘synonymous’ and just like other streaming services, you’d get to find Netflix app worth using. Yeah I know, Netflix is paid but you can “easily” use its one month free trial period to watch most of your favourite movies and TV shows.

Visit Netflix.

2. Popcornflix


If you’re looking for a legal movie website to stream movies online for free, then you are better of with Popcornflix. It’s infact a movie streaming site that “beats” pubfilm in all ramifications. Popcornflix is an OTT (over-the-top) service that offers a slew of free ‘ad-supported’ Movies and TV Shows. The site itself is neatly arranged and you will get to find a ton of full-length foreign and Asian dramas from “different” genres such as action, science-fiction, adventure and comedy. On Popcornflix, watching all of your favourite movies is instant as this only requires “clicking’ the play button. In summary, Popcornflix is a better site than pubfilm.

Visit PopcornFlix.

3. Tubi


Tubi is a great alternative to pubfilm. The site “strives” to provide free movies for its users without asking for “credit cards” or registration and even though it’s free, it’s still a legal option. Similar to Popcornflix, Tubi is an ad-supported movie streaming service that “boasts” of more than 60,000 popular titles including contents from the ‘libraries’ of Paramount Picture, MGM and Lionsgate. The site “features a simple and “easy-to-use” user interface, and I love the fact that it doesn’t promote pop-ups. So if you are looking for a movie streaming site that is similar to pubfilm, then Tubi TV should be your go-to.

Visit Tubi TV.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is basically an​ online “television service broadcasting” that brings over 85 live channels full of TV Shows, Internet Videos and Movies on demand. For one thing, Pluto TV is completely free to use, it comes with no hidden fees which makes it feel like the modernized version of the free channels we’d get when we connect our TV or antenna. The site’s wide array of contents includes thousands of movies curated from popular channels like CBS, Bloomberg, Warner Bros and NBC. You’ll also get to find exclusive channels within the platform and similar to other services, Pluto TV features ‘advertisements’ which often appears whilst changing channels. But considering what you are getting for free, they’re ignorable.

Visit Pluto TV.

5. SnagFilms


An odd ‘mish-mash’ I must say. Instead of offering the “latest” Movies and TV Shows similar to what Netflix and Popcornflix is doing, Snagfilms decided to go the unique way. It is literally a website that offers ad-supported documentary and independent films and they’re​ available to be streamed for free. For one thing, Snagfilms library of more than 5,000 films includes videos, TV shows and documentaries. You’ll also see a section “mapped” out for original short comedy skirts. Personally, Snapfilms approach is brilliant, and I love the fact that it is legal despite the fact that it offers under the radar movies instead of well-known fare.

Visit SnagFilms.

Wrapping Up

So these are ‘unequivocally’ the best sites like pubfilm. They are literally better, and comes with little or no cost. So if you are looking to quench your movie needs, then you should patronise this websites.

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