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Splitwise Review: The Best App to Split Bills with your Friends

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If you live in sharing or on a trip with your friends, it becomes quite difficult to manage all expenses and split them later on. Too many calculations involved! Also, it’s quite embarrassing to keep reminding your friends to pay you the debt. Well, there exists a perfect solution for you – Splitwise. On Splitwise, you can track all your expenses, split them with your friends, maintain a ledger and even pay your friends with one tap using PayPal or PayTM (India). And here’s the best part about Splitwise – it’s free and can be accessed on the web, Android, and even iOS.

Your account is always synced and even if you lose your phone, you can check all your expenses, how much you owe, and how much your friends owe you anytime. You can use Splitwise as an IOU Manager where you can add day-to-day expenses and track who owes money to whom. Not only individual friends, you can even create groups and add expenses to the group. It has an option to simplify group debts, another cool function of this app. If you are a group of 3 friends on a trip, and you owe your friend A 20$ whereas he owes B 20$, it will simplify debts and will ask you to directly pay B 20$. So, it automatically combines debts of a group. However, if you don’t like it, you can turn this option off anytime. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Splitwise:

1. Split bills with multiple friends in one go

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You can split a bill with your multiple friends without creating a group. You just have to select multiple friends while splitting the bill. And, Splitwise will do the maths for you.

2. Add Receipts and Notes with every Bill

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Description not enough and you want to add some more details to the expense? Well, Splitwise gives you an option to add notes as well as to upload receipt of the bill. All you have to do is to click on the camera icon at the bottom (on the Add Bill screen) to add receipt. To add notes, tap on the extreme right icon at the bottom.

3. Add recurring expenses and set reminders of payment

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You can even add recurring expenses in Splitwise such as room rent, internet bill, etc. which happen every month or every ‘x’ days. You can also set a reminder for this recurring expense which will remind you of this expense. To set a recurring expense, click on Add Bill icon (+) and fill every field just like a normal expense. At the bottom left, there’s an icon to set date. Once you click that icon, you’ll see an option to repeat this expense. After you select the suitable option, you’ll see the field to set reminder as well. Smooth and Easy!

4. Multiple Categories and Currencies to choose from

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While adding expenses, you can select a category of the expense to analyze it later. They have some cool icons against every category. You can also choose your currency for every expense coz some expenses and payments are international too! So, convert the expense to your local currency or simply choose the currency, your choice!

5. Multiple Options to Split Bill

Splitwise gives you multiple options to split bills. You can split bills equally. If the share is not equal, you can split the bill by amount, percentage, share, or by adjustment. Split by adjustment is a cool feature where you can add an ‘x’ amount against someone and that amount will be deducted in equal shares from others. For example, you went out for dinner and one of your friends ordered an extra drink for himself worth 5$. Your total bill came out to be 100$. Now, instead of splitting 95$ equally and then adding 5$ in your friend’s share, split the bill by adjustment and add 5$ in your friend’s share. Splitwise will do the maths and will split the bills accordingly. Cool, isn’t it?

6. Create Groups

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You can create groups on Splitwise as well. If you’re going on a trip, or if you share a flat with your friends, you don’t have to add your friends again and again. You can simply create a group and add a group of your friends and split expenses there. There are some more cool features as well in the group such as Simplify Group Debts which I’ll discuss in the next point.

Note: An expense don’t have to be shared with everyone if it’s in a group, you can deselect any friend for any expense.

7. Simplify Group Debts

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If you’re a group of friends and your expenses are never-ending. Use this cool feature to combine debts of your group and simplify them. This feature comes handy when you’re on a trip as well. At the end of the trip, instead of showing how much money you owe or owed to each of your friends, it will simply tell you how much to pay or get and to whom.

8. Settle with PayPal or PayTM

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Splitwise has already integrated PayPal and PayTM (only in India) to make the process of paying your friends easier. You can record a cash payment to settle up with your friend or simply tap on Pay with PayPal (or PayTM) option and authenticate the payment to pay him/her.

9. Remind your friends about the dues

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Splitwise not only reminds you of your check dues but also lets you remind your friends about the debts. To send a reminder, tap on your friend on the homepage and click on the menu option in the top right corner. You’ll see a few options popping up. Select Send Reminder option and edit the reminder note. Once done editing, click send. Your friend will be notified by email or notification.

10. Maintains a Ledger

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You can check all your expenses and transactions on the Activity tab. The activity tab is sorted by time. Hence, all your recent expenses are on the top.

11. Settings and Security

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Splitwise gives you full control of almost everything you do. You can access account settings, device settings, notification settings and can even set a password on the app so that no one can access your Splitwise without your permission.


Splitwise is a 5-star app. The problem of splitting bills is very simple and common. But Splitwise has taken it to the next level by providing so many options in the app and by taking care of every small detail. Splitwise has so many options and even then the User Interface is very clean and good. They have also focussed on the User Experience. You’ll never be presented with unnecessary options unless you really need them. The flow of the app is very simple too. I think they have done a very good job and I really like this app.

You can download Splitwise from the given below links:

  • For IOS, Click here.
  • For Android, Click here.
  • To access Splitwise on Web, click here.

If you have any questions regarding Splitwise, let us know in the comments section down below.

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