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Rainiertamayo Is Down, Here Are Sites Like Rainierland to Watch Movies Online

by Henry Emmanuel

Ever wondered why people love movies? It isn’t because they want to “laugh” nor feel intrigued. Some “folks” watch movies as a form of ‘escapism’. They believe that good movies can make them forget ‘unpleasant memories or “banal” aspects of their daily life. While being ‘aware’ of this, a man out of passion, created a website where users can watch most of their ‘favourite’ movies with ease. But the platform didn’t last for long, as Rainiertamayo was nabbed by the police for illegal distribution of copyrighted​ contents which also lead to the shutdown of his site Ranierland.

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Obviously, when you visit ranierland.com, you’d notice that the platform is still alive and running, but appears ‘non-functional’ when ‘trying​ to play movies. Rainerland’s founder (Rainiertamayo) ‘meant’ well, but he wasn’t in the “legal” arena and to top it off, he used his own name in the site’s URL which lead to an “effortless” capture. A lot of people may forget him, but they’ll never forget how he made them feel. So if you’re looking for a site like Rainertamayo, then here are Rainerland alternatives to watch movies online for free.

1. Classic Cinema Online


Yeah I know, the word streaming movies for free might sound “synonymous” with piracy, but classic cinema online happens to fall into a legal arena and it’s literally a pure gold for old school movies. Once you head over to the site, you do notice that it does not offer popular movies like you do see on Rainiertamayo, instead, it focuses more on older, classic contents. One thing that allures me to the site is its “aesthetic’ design “wrapped’ in a red theater curtains that gives you a true cinema feeling. As to be expected, classic cinema online brings a ‘slew’ of movies that ranges from drums in the deep south, the crusades, made for each other, go west young lady and they are all available to be streamed for free.

Visit Classic Cinema Online.

2. The Roku Channel


The Roku Channel’s platform-agnostic and affordability strategy has made it extremely popular. For those who aren’t aware, The Roku Channel is a platform for streaming TV Shows and Movies online. Before now, Roku licensed mostly movies that are more than 10 years old (example Matrix), but its library has expanded to newest releases. Compared to Rainierland, Roku’s content may not be impressive, but the price does. Yeah it’s completely free and doesn’t require users to setup recurring credit card payment. The only downside is that you’d be watching ads whilst your film is playing. Moreover, folks in the US won’t be needing a hardware running roku software, since they can stream directly from the website.

Visit The Roku Channel.

3. Kanopy


If you are a movie nerd, then you should really erase Rainierland from your mind and patronise kanopy. Haven’t heard of it? That’s not unusual. Kanopy is simply an on-demand movie streaming service that brings a colossal number of award-winning films and documentaries that comes at zero cost. The site itself is free, but requires only a compatible public library card to browse​ the 30,000 titles available on the platform. Kanopy offers rare movies that aren’t on Rainierland and moreover, it includes children programming as well as adults. Overall, Kanopy is a good fit for film buffs and a better alternative to Rainierland.

Visit Kanopy.

4. Top Documentary Films


Documentaries are often regarded as the supreme form of expression. They are so endearing and fascinating, and if you are probably looking for a free site similar to Rainierland to watch films for free, then Top Documentary Films should obviously be your go-to. The site features an easy-to-use and simple user interface with a ton of documentaries to watch for free. For one thing, top documentary films doesn’t host any contents, it only links to documentaries on YouTube and other streaming sites which makes it legal. Of course you won’t be seeing new releases or blockbusters, but the number of contents available on the platform are already good enough.

Visit Top Documentary Films.

5. YouTube


The video sharing website (YouTube) may not be ‘widely’ known as a movie streaming site since it’s mostly used for watching music videos and vlogs, but here’s the real truth, YouTube is “undoubtedly” one of the most popular platform to watch movies online in high quality. Most of the full-length films on the platform are uploaded by users, and they fall under the public domain. On YouTube, you’d get to see a slew of Hollywood, Bollywood and Asian dramas available to be streamed for free. They all come from different categories such as action, adventures, comedy and horror. Simply look carefully within the channels and you’ll find this gems alongside new movie thrillers.

Visit YouTube.

Wrapping Up

So these are unequivocally the best sites like Rainierland. They are completely free and legal, and the most beautiful part is that you won’t be combating with pop-ups. So if you are looking for a new web portal to watch movies online for free following rainiertamayo’s arrest, then the above services should be more than enough.

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