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How to Sell Browser Extension

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Selling browser extensions is a new online business, that is rapidly gaining popularity and set to become a stable source of profit for webmasters. Authors of browser extensions whose products are live in Chrome Store have thought about how to sell their products at least once a time. Certainly creating a useful product is a hard work as well as promoting it to collect some user base who will be satisfied with your extension. It’s not a secret that webmasters want to take a big piece of pie for their work and an opportunity to sell the browser add-on is exactly what they are looking for.

If you also own a browser add-on and want to sell it to earn some money, there are multiple ways to do it. You can contact your competitors or people working in a similar domain, list your extension at some marketplace, etc. However, finding a buyer for a digital product is not at all easy. And, even if you are lucky, it can take a good amount of time to find someone who’s interested and willing to pay a good price. Most of the people are not even aware of how much their extension is worth. So, to make this process easy and convenient, you can skip doing all this and simply go to sellext.com. It has all the needed information about the whole process of extension selling, and you can also find a quick estimation. You can sell Firefox add-ons as well as chrome extensions on SellExt.

Can I count on guarantees?

Present online business feel adapted to the interests of all participants. It means that developers and buyers can talk about safety deal and shouldn’t be worried about security. Surely, it will be better to learn about warranties during chrome extension selling process to never miss a thing and expect on successful completion of a deal. All you need is just follow simple rules to protect yourself against fraud.

There are several points of guaratees you can ask for. 

  • Online services for safe money transfer have been created to protect your money. There are lots of different portals for such cases, but it is better to use popular one with good reviews. With a stable service that has worked well for years makes sure that it won’t be closed tomorrow together with a money. Visit forums, ask a friend, read reviews… Make no doubt with a choice.
  • Legal agreements will be helpful to keep your rights. It can be a standard agreement provided by buyer or you can be assisted by a lawyer of your own choosing. It’s a quite popular enquiry from both sides, so it’s not a problem to find an example even if both buyer and seller don’t have ready to use agreement.
  • Google transfer form as a guaranty of Chrome Store developer support during the whole transferring process. If extension is sold without an access to developer account, seller will need to follow Google form in order to transfer ownership to another person. It’s an additional point of guaranty from Chrome Store team, because they will assist the process and you will be able to contact them at any time if you have questions. It’s suitable only if you transfer extension ownership to another webmaster and not just sell it together with an access to developer account.

Lastly, to make sure that all deals as real, online ones have to be well – informed and non – spontaneous. Do not hesitate to ask the partner about his company, field of activity, you may also ask about referrers or examples of their live projects.

More information about security and how-it-works can be found here.

Benefits for developers

Usually, Chrome Store developers create their products as an art to make it an item of proud and skills that can be shown in a resume or portfolio of works. Someone create extensions for their own needs to make browser usage easier or just for fun. Anyway only if the product has become popular and loved by users, webmasters start thinking about possible profit for their work.

If a great job for add-on creating, promoting and supporting has already been done, it is the time to move towards for new achievements. “Who can make further promotion of my add-on?”, “Who can support my plugin?” and many other popular questions that can rise at your thoughts. The best option is to sell an extension as the whole business for the corresponding price to someone who has an experience in this field. An effective way to sell add-on hangs on the quality of the plugin and successful strategy of its promotion. Buyer will continue developing directions and improving support services, so your product will be in progress for a long time as well as you will be able to launch new interesting items from your wishlist. Then it’s a win-win.

So, put your trading skills to sell add-on and make this business as a separate source of incoming with sellext.com.

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