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TinklePad: Watch Free Movies Online on Movie25 TinklePad (2019)

by Henry Emmanuel

Movies are gradually taking over my life, and I love it. As savvies, you’d know that the advent of internet has changed a lot of things. Buying a set of Television or a Cable package or Satellite Dish will not in anyway fulfill your TV Shows and Movie needs as you do be spending quite a fortune every month for renewal. This is where movie streaming websites comes in to play. Apparently, a slew of sites has spontaneously appeared on the internet, thereby urging users to cut the cord and watch movies online, but not all of them are free. Of course subscription-based movie streaming sites like Netflix are rare gem and legal option to stream movies online, but they’d come at a cost.

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Not everyone can painlessly afford what they’re charging, and due to this reasons, a lot of folks often fall victim to illegal movie streaming websites that tries to coax them into downloading adware rigged extensions and once this software gets into their PC, they’ll automatically start causing mischief. The internet of good things also has its disadvantages, and if you aren’t ready to get scammed into signing up for some suspicious fees just to watch movies online, then you should really look into Movie25 TinklePad. It’s one of the popular platform designed to watch movies online for free, but it does bring pop-ups. So today, we will walk you through on how to safely watch movies on the site, and tell you if it’s legal or not.

What Is TinklePad?

I know you’d ask. The name itself sounds out of order, but you do be amazed once you see the slew of contents it offers. To simply put, TinklePad is nothing but a platform specifically designed to allow users watch movies online​ for free. The site brings a vast range of full-length movies and TV Shows sorted in a clean user interface and they are all available to be stream in high quality. Following some undisclosed issues, TinklePad changed its domain to 5movies.to, but the latter still offers same contents as previously seen in the first domain. On TinklePad new site (5movies.to), you’d get to see a colossal number of free movies that comes from various genres such as Comedy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Crime. The search bar that sits on the center of the homepage makes it easier to find movies but even with this features, is TinklePad legal? Let’s see.


Is It Legal?

According to intellectual property law, it is illegal to distribute contents for profits without due permission of the copyright holder. Now, it is obvious that TinklePad isn’t “adhering” to this rule, as they offer pirated copies of new movies which they monetise through adverts. For one thing, TinklePad ‘knowing’ that its service isn’t legal, uses cyberlockers to circumvent the law. The site itself doesn’t host any Movie or TV Shows on its platform, instead it acts as a search engine that provide links to videos embedded in secondary sites like Openload and Rapidshare.

TinklePad technique is quite brilliant, as it helps them avoid government troubles. But you’d know that the ads that pop-ups from the main and secondary website can be really annoying. But “albeit” illegal, we can’t just ignore the slew of contents it offers. So if you’d want to access the site, we’ll walk you through on how to do that safely. But before that, ensure you have a reliable Antivirus app and that you’re connected to a VPN service. Once that’s done, then here’s how to safely stream movies and TV Shows on TinklePad.

Stream Movies on TinklePad

The steps are pretty simple, simply fire up your device web browser and head over to 5movies.to. Directly from the homepage, you can either select the Movies or TV Shows option at the top, or enter the film name using the Search bar and click go.


On the next page, you will get to see the movie desdescription, alongside its genre and other necessary informations. Now, avoid the Watch Now and Download buttons, then scroll down a little and you will see a bunch of links to the embedded video. So you see, they’re generally hosted on a separate site.


Choose the link you want to access while considering the load time and other factors. For this, we pick openload.co. You’ll now be redirected to the selected video-hosting site and from there, you’d get to see the embedded video. Go ahead and hit the play icon and the movie will start playing.


Important Notice: Do not click the first link with HD 1080p text, as this will demand sign up. But you can also choose to bypass the registration using this guide.

As we said earlier, TinklePad does bring annoying pop-ups. If you do not connect to a reliable anti-malware app alongside top-notch VPN software, then you’d be at great risk accessing the site unprotected. Doubt me? Right from the time you access 5movies to the time you hit the play icon, four or five pop-ups that’s probably linked to get a rich quick scheme and NSFW websites would’ve interrupted your search. So you will need to navigate the links carefully and close any window that pop-up unexpectedly.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it, movie25 TinklePad is undoubtedly awesome and bring the latest and most popular movies that are available to be streamed in high quality. Do note that as we mentioned earlier, the Watch Now and Download buttons visible on 5movies.to can lead you outside of the website completely or even start downloading files or programs which may potentially harm your computer. So do not click it to avoid viruses. The one you should be clicking is the video-hosting links known as cyberlockers. So go ahead and stream movies and TV Shows safely on TinklePad.

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