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Best Free BugMeNot Alternatives to Bypass Website Registration

by Henry Emmanuel
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It’s pretty much aggravating and perhaps strenuous to find out that for the majority of things we do on the internet, we are required to create some form of account by providing our names, email address and even date of birth before wewe can gain access to read a newsletter. For someone like me who have a phobia when it comes to sharing sensitive informations on the web, I’d feel reluctant to share my logins especially on a site that I’m likely to not visit again.

As you’d know, most of the websites that parades on the world wide web may end up adding your email address to their mailing lists, thus resulting to a hordes of spam mails being received everyday. Of course one may choose to skip or bypass the whole registration process by using a temporary disposable email address that comes in handy for receiving account activation emails​. But there’s a simpler way to get around not having to register on a website with fake credentials.This is where BugMeNot comes in to play.

What is BugMeNot?

BugMeNot is an internet service that provides free shared logins to enable users bypass compulsory website registrations in other to view free content. To find a login for a website, simply visit BugMeNot and type the website address into the Domain/URL search box then click enter. On the next page, you will be provided with a ton of usernames and passwords for the website you specified. Select the logins with the highest success rate as they’re like to work.


BugMeNot is good, no doubt but it has its own bad points too. As a website which curates logins shared by users, there’s a high probability that users may decide to go naughty by adding fake login information for accounts that doesn’t exist. On a situation like this, BugMeNot tries as much as possible to use its rating system to weed the fake logins. But it can still prove to be an obstacle for people looking to obtain login information in a hurry. So without​ further ado, here are the 2 best site like BugMeNot.

1. Login2

Login2.me is quite similar to BugMeNot and it’s the best place to obtain free usernames and passwords for websites that requires registration. Unlike BugMeNot which claims to offer logins for over 450,000 websites, login2.me database isn’t known. Although it is a simple tool that can be used to bypass compulsory registration on popular websites. To cut the story short, here’s a couple of ways to use login2.me

Firstly, head over to Login2.me and enter the URL of the website for which you want to get a login then click the “Get” button. From here, you’ll be provided with the login information for that particular website. Do note that if the first login doesn’t work, you can always opt-in to get another username and password by clicking on the “Not working show more” button.


Secondly, Login2.me offers a quick and easy way to access and obtain free logins for any website on the world wide web. This process involves adding login2.me# infront of the site URL you want login for. Here’s a quick example;


Lastly, users can get login for any website of their choice direct from their browser. To do this, simply drag this bookmark to your browser, then click it when you’re on the site that requires login.

2. Fakeaccount

If you are looking for a site like BugMeNot, then I’ll suggest you checkout fake account. The platform was designed to help folks obtain logins (username and password) for any website requiring registration. One major advantage of using fake account is that your privacy and personal data will be safe with you and most importantly, you don’t have to wait for activation emails anymore.


To begin with, go to fakeaccount.net and tap either the “Search Directory” button or the Show Random Account” icon. If you choose the first one, you will be presented with the URL of several websites arranged neatly in alphabetical order. Simply select the site you want login for and you’re good to go. If you want to find login for a specific website, click on the horizontal dots at the top right corner then type in the domain URL and hit search. On the next page, select the entry that has the highest upvotes.

Wrapping Up

So these are the 2 best site like BugMeNot. One thing you’ll need to note is that getting a working account from any of these BugMeNot sites may seem difficult, but if you can exercise a little bit of patients, then you might be lucky to find a working login. Also a ton of pay-per-view sites such as netflix are barred from BugMeNot system in case you’re thinking to get free netflix account. In summary, we’ve had a hard time trying to list the BugMeNot alternatives. So ensure to share it with your friends and tell them that login2.me and fakeaccount.net are the 2 best password sharing site like BugMeNot.

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