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10 Best Icon Packs For Android

by Henry Emmanuel

An icon pack is simply an application that replaces all your icons with customized once. Without it, your android smartphone customization or beautification is certainly not complete. No doubt!! some launchers like Go launcher and Nova launcher can unleash the best icon pack and theme on your android phone however it’s absolutely preferable to excavate and benchmark the best icon packs that can help beautify or customize your android. Believe it or not, with icon packs, your android phone can look pretty much better than you’ve ever anticipated.

Icon packs has been with us ever since the android ecosystem started progressing, from the crowd there’s a possibility that you can get confused trying to figure out which icon packs that can help bring out the best on your android phone. Fortunately we’ve recently vetted the Google play store and after all the exploration, we decided to benchmark the best icon pack for android that can help beautify and customize your android phone into something smart and elegant.

In this article we’re going to take a close glimpse at some of the best icon packs for android. Before we venture into the article, it’s recommended that you’ve a custom launcher installed on your android phone. Here’s the list of the best custom launchers we’ve benchmark to keep things in track. Now let’s look at the best icon packs that can help beautify your android phone.

1. Belle UI Icon Pack

This is my most favorite icon pack right from the on set. Using belle UI Icon pack on my android device reminds me of the olden days of NokIa belle. Perhaps that’s why i refer to it as the top 1 best icon pack for android. Every icon in belle UI was carefully drawn to give your device a unique look. Belle UI offers lot’s of icon pack and to be precise there are over 1440+ custom Icon that can help unleash the best on your android. One of the major features that the belle UI Icon pack brings is that it is compatible  with variety of multi launcher and every icon was made manually based on vectors. Currently over 1 million people downloaded belle UI Icon pack from the Google play store.

2. Pixel Icon Pack – Nougat Free UI

If you want to make your android device emulate or look like the Google Pixels, then this is your most preferable icon pack. Pixel icon pack contains over 3840+ beautiful clean round icons that follows pixel icon design language. This icon pack won’t work with Google now launcher however you can use launchers such as Nova launcher, Apex launcher and others in other to see it working. The pixel icon pack contains lot’s of unique features and every Icons are been sorted in various categories with search and preview function. There’s no doubt that by using pixel icon pack, you will end up getting the Google Pixel look directly on your android phone. Currently over 500 thousand people downloaded pixel icon pack from the Google play store.

3. Polycon – Icon Pack

Polygon Icon pack is yet another awesome and most popular icon packs you should consider having, it unveils a fresh new take on Material Design iconography. Polycon offers unique, creative and vibrant icons. You can easily use this Icon to spice up your phones home screen by giving it a fresh and unique look. Polycon features over 800+ vector Icon and about 20 HD wallpapers that can help blend or match with the icon you choose. It is also compatible with almost every android launchers you can possibly think off and lot’s of improvements are added daily to expand it’s experience. Currently over 1 million people downloaded polycon icon pack from the Google play store.

4. Moonshine Icon Pack

Moonshine is another popular icon pack that look elegant and eye catchy. It features an Icon Picker that shows the latest added icons with over 29 homemade wallpapers, there’s absolutely no doubt that moonshine icon pack is what you will be needing to help beautify your android phone. Not every Icon is made to mimic others and moonshine proves that quote. It contains over  925+ vector designed icons and a material design dashboard app. There’s no doubt that moonshine is compatible with most android launchers out there and the sexy look it comes with makes it a Must have. Currently over 1 million people downloaded moonshine icon pack from the Google play store.

5. Modern Android Icon Pack

Modern android icon pack believes in quality… They provide the best top quality icon pack for the best launchers on google play. If perhaps you’re tired of icon packs that mimic themselves, or claim to be what they are not, then modern android Icon Pack is absolutely here for you as every tiny aspect of the icons been presented has been designed from scratch to provide the best quality and look  classic. it’s certainly a top-notch worth having. Modern Android Icon pack is capable of replacing all default android icons and some of the most popular apps from google play store. It also supports numerous custom launcher and it’s perfectly working fine as anticipated. Currently over downloaded modern android icon pack from the Google play store.

6.  Cobalt Icon Pack

Cobalt is another cool Icon pack that can help spice up your android phone. It unveils over 2000+ individual custom icons and a stunning unique and awesome wallpaper. Cobalt is technically one of the best icon pack i fancy, it looks elegant and mechanical. The app comes with lot’s of plethora features that can help change the look of icons on your smartphone. One of the best thing about cobalt icon pack is that it includes its own built-in Wallpaper Manager, Icon Request Tool and a visual for seeing what icons are included. Forget other icon pack that claim they’re mechanical, cobalt is certainly the best choice for your android and it is also compatible with lot’s of custom launchers. Currently over 100 thousand people downloaded cobalt launcher from the Google play store.

7. MeeUi HD Icon Pack

A Nokia fan I am, and will always be. There’s this thing i love about NokIa phones that I can’t really seem to figure out. Perhaps it’s there long lasting battery capacity or the unique design there smartphone comes with. Symbian and meego device was really great back then. With the MeeUi HD Icon Pack which let’s you experience the NokIa N9 meego look on your android phone, there’s no doubt that you will still remember the meego style Icon.  The app comes with full HD meego icons for most android device and it also supported numerous number of custom launchers. Bring make the memory of meego android device into your memory with this unique icon pack. Currently over 100 thousand people downloaded MeeUi HD icon pack from the Google play store.

8. Click UI Icon Pack

Click UI is yet another awesome icon pack for android device. There’s no doubt that many app icons looks much like Click UI but this one is certainly the best. It features a subtle long shadows and soft pastel color that makes it unique. Click UI is the original trendsetter that has inspired many. It is a set of round icons that’ll make you fall in love with your Android device all over again. With Over 2045+ pixel perfect icons and 20 HD wallpapers included there no doubt that it’s exceptional. It also comes with a dynamic calendar, icon masking and it’s been updated to better improve the app more. Click UI supports lot’s of custom launchers and will certainly spice up your android phone into something beautiful. Currently over 50 thousand people downloaded Click UI from the Google play store.

9. TrueiOS Icon Pack

TrueiOS is the first and the best iOS icon pack that was exclusively made specially for android phones. If perhaps you appreciate the flow of iDevice or want to feel it’s unique interface, then start by changing your device icon pack with true iOS. Unlike other icon packs that aim to mimic the feel of iDevices, trueiOS uses icons that are designed to look like almost exact replicas of what is found within iOS and on the Apple App Store. The result is a beautiful, smooth launcher experience, backed by the untamed power of Android. There’s no iOS icon pack that can beat this one as it’s exceptional and was crafted to bring a modern iOS feel on your android device. It’s supported with many android custom launchers and comes with lots of features. Currently over 100 thousand people downloaded trueiOS icon pack from the Google play store.

10. MIUI 5 Icon Packs

XDA developer are still not relenting on developing some cool clean coded apps for android device. MIUI 5 icon pack was solemnly made to mimic the official miui custom ROM look. Now if you’re thinking of flashing an Miui ROM, I suggest you halt a bit and try out this icon then you won’t ever think of flashing an miui ROM again. All thanks to PHYSX who virtually made this icon pack available for most android device. MIUI 5 icon pack comes fully loaded with over 3700+ icons and there’s more coming. It also contains CM13 icons and overall it’s compatible with all android launchers. If you need an MIUI 5 Icon  pack, then this is your best choice. Currently over 1 million people downloaded MIUI 5 icon pack from the Google play store.


Guess it’s time to experience a total new look on your android phone. The above icon packs is just a tip from the numerous icon packs that can be found on the Google play store. Yes! There are unlimited Icon Pack out there and choosing the best among them is pretty confusing. Quality over quantity is what should be considered here, with these icon packs that we’ve listed, there’s no doubt that you certainly will pick a unique one from the list and use them to spice up your android phone. Happy beautification!…

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