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Top 11 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tricks You Need To Know

by Henry Emmanuel

Facebook Messenger is one of go the most popular messaging app everyone uses on a daily basis. The platform claims to have over 800 million active users which in no doubt the “Alexa Ranking” proved. While many has come to be familiar with facebook messenger, there’s a well known fact that you probably haven’t figured out most of the hidden tricks and tips behind the messaging app. To be more open, facebook messenger brings tons of useful, fun and ridiculous tricks. The partners behind the messenger app are damn busy integrating more powerful features to ensure its existence. Thus if perhaps you’re a regular facebook messenger user, then you’ll need to try this hidden tricks now in other to become a Pro.

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1. Standalone Web Client

This is one of the robust and useful trick the facebook messenger brings. While many has come to be familiar with the facebook messenger app, some actually don’t know the limit or extent to which they can journey. If perhaps you’re a starter or a professional whose interest is to use the facebook messenger as a standalone web client, then this is technically possible. All you’ve to do is navigate to the official messenger.com website, then provide your phone number or email address with your case sensitive password then hit “Login”. There are other alternatives but this one is more better, easy and convenient.

2. Voice and Video Calls

Every messaging app is expected to have at minimum a “voice call” to begin with. The Facebook messenger doesn’t make an exception either. You can now converse with your friends in HD video calls and voice sound which is more clearer and closer. Text alone doesn’t unveil much during chatting, but with the face to face conversations integrated in facebook messenger, you can say or “voice out” lot’s of words to your friends without any hassle. To activate the video or voice call, simply tap on the “phone” icon at the top right corner of the fb messenger app, then select either video or voice call. The calls are Free, however data charges might apply when you’re not on Wi-Fi.

3. Share Location

The map location integrated into the facebook messenger app is something that comes in handy once in a blue moon. If perhaps you’ve attended a party and have the urge to invite your friends over for fun, there’s a high tendency that you’d use the Google map to share your location to your friends. However while this doesn’t seem convenient, you can painlessly use the facebook messenger app to send the map of your current location without any stress. All you’ve got to do is jump into a chat with them, hit the three dots at the bottom of the conversation, then select location and you’ll see a blue circle indicating your current position. Tap send and your friends will instantly get a map showing your precise position.

4. Voice Message

The voice message unveiled by the facebook messenger has claim to be one of it’s essential features and perhaps a useful trick. During a brief conversation or chat between your recipient, you might actually not have the time to type all your text/words out. Thus sending them a voice note can be the most convenient way for communication. While making use of the facebook messenger voice message, you can sing, sang and shout your messages. Thus when you’re probably busy or have a lot to say, you can painlessly record a voice message instead of typing. To get this one going, engage your recipient in a chat, then tap the voice icon at the below screen. Say any words you’d like and send it.

5. Basketball On Messenger

Facebook allows you to play a list of supported games on the messenger app. This feature was introduced last year and it’s main aim is to prevent you from been bored once you’ve no conversation going. Thus when you’ve the urge to play a quick game of basketball, all you need to do is send a basketball, all you need to do is send a basketball emoji to your friends. (The basketball emoji is on your keyboard app) Then tap on the emoji you just sent, the game will launch. Simply swipe to get the ball into the hoop which will gain you points. If perhaps you mistakenly or eventually miss the hoop, your game will end and facebook messenger will tail and send your score across to your friend and they will try to beat you.

6. Send Or Receive Money

Facebook messenger allows you to conveniently send money across to your recipient. Not only this, you can also receive money from your friends. This feature comes in handy and i must say that it’s a life saver. If perhaps you’ve no money and need to pay a friend back, then you can do it right from your conversation. Unlike PayPal, facebook messenger allows you to send and receive money completely for free. This feature is most relevant for business and personal transaction. Once you’ve got a U.S debit card of your account, engage your recipient in a chat, then click on the three dots at the bottom of the messenger app, now choose “payment”. Add your debit card account and you’re good to ride.

7. Stickers and GIFs

We all love stickers, they’re literally the best way to describe an action during a conversation and facebook upon knowing this, decided to integrate a whole bunch of stickers to help you converse with your friends in a more versatile way. The stickers provides by the facebook messenger app comes in different styles, and you can also choose most of your favorite stickers to keep them readily available. If perhaps stickers don’t entice you, then you can rhetorically use the Giphy integrated in facebook messenger to chat with your friends. While using the Giphy, you can find numerous number of GIFs and insert them into your chat in one click. It’s as easy as nothing.

8. Chess On Messenger

As i have stated earlier on, facebook messenger app brings numerous number of supported games which helps to savour the time. Now when you’re bored from chatting or when you’ve the urge to challenge a friend at chess, then you can painlessly do it right from the messenger app. To get this one going, engage your friends in a chat, then type in “@fbchess play” to commence the game. In order to make moves, you’ve to manually type in the commands such as “@fbchess pb4” to move a pawn in column B to row 4. The description notation will be something you’ll get to know later. If perhaps you get stuck during gameplay, you can always type “@fbchess help” to get instructions or help. To undo moves, type “@fbchess undo” but beware your opponent must accept it.

9. Personalize Your Chats

This is one of the most useful tricks the facebook messenger app brings. You can easily personalize your chats and have things looking eye-catching. If perhaps you’ve got a few friends who goes by a nickname which is quite brittle to remember, then you can give them your befitting nickname. Not only this, the facebook messenger app allows you to personalize your chats by changing the chat color and setting a default emoji from the thumbs up botton to anything you prefer. To change the chat color, click on a contact then choose “change color”. Select your favorite color and this will change to the conversation color even in groups. You can also add nickname, simply click on a friends name, then you’ll an option to change your friends nickname.

10. Random Cute

My favorite! I personally love cuteness and there’s no doubt. During a chat you’d like to send your friends or relations some “cutes”. They’ve a way of making them laugh, happy and mind free. The facebook messenger whole heartedly brings this feature right on its platform. Now if perhaps you know a friend who uses a dose of cuteness, then you’ve to send them some. All you’ve got to do is open a chat with him or her, then type @dailycute. It will instantly grab a cuteness or cute image for you and post it. The cute image are mostly gotten from imgur.com. Overall this is something that you’d love to try since it’s more fun and cute.

11. Group Messages 

Some or perhaps every social media apps brings with it a group chat. This is the most easiest way of chatting with your buddies or relations. Instead of relying a message to your friends individually, you can painlessly do it at once in a group chat. All there’s needed to be done, is to start a group chat with all the friends you found worthy or perhaps even your relations. Now rely your information and they’ll see it instantly. You can also name or rename your group and pin it to the top. This way, it will seem easy and organized. The facebook messenger group chat is awesome and cool.

Final Words

While there are more hidden tricks the facebook messenger brings, we’ve listed the ones we found essential. There’s no doubt that over 5 million people uses the messenger app, thus you can conveniently use this hidden tricks listed above to revamp the messenger experience and the way you chat with your friends. Also the messenger app allows you to hail an uber ride and you can draw on pictures. Overall it’s something everyone should try, as it’s full of fun and gives you more experience making you feel like the messenger boss!. To discover more tricks, simply explore the messenger app and you’ll be surprise at what you will discover.

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