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7 Best URL Shortener You Can Use

by Henry Emmanuel

Earning money online is no longer a new thing for the internet users. To be precise there are many websites out there that offers you an online job and after accomplishing it, you get paid. Some are scammers while others use the method to promote there website. Yes! I am talking out of experience. But I won’t get into the details here. Finding a legit website that offers jobs online and after completing the task you get paid can actually be a bit hard since 50% of the money making website are scam.

Today we are going to look at the top 10 best paying website to shorten your URL and get paid. When I said “Paying” its a sure thing!. They wire your money through PayPal or any other online payment source once you reach the threshold of $5-20 estimated. Unlike other money making websites the best thing about URL shortener is that you don’t have to partake in any online job. Yes! All that’s required of you is to register and start shortening your URL to enable you earn money. Let’s say for example you run a little blog or any other stuff, once you upload a file to any external servers like google drive, get the URL of the file you uploaded and  paste it into the provided URL shortener box and shorten it then recommend it for people to download. Once they click on the ads you get paid. That’s it! As simple as nothing.

​What is URL Shortener Refer To?

Shortening URL can enable you convert your links to a shorten form. Typically like a short URL. No doubt, there are many website that allows you to shorten URL like the Google URL Shortener but they don’t pay a dime!. Yes they don’t, so its your choice to use either the free versions of URL shorteners website or us the Get paid shorten link!.  So let’s head down to the handpicked list of the best paying URL shortener websites recommended for you.

#1. Shorte.st

Shorte is one of the best URL shortener than allows you to shorten links and earn money. The website was created by your developers from Europe with the aim to monetize your website and links you share. Shorte is the smart and easy way to earn extra income from your traffic. Easy and convienent to use. Over 300,000 website owner and social media members to earn extra money from outgoing and internal links from your website. Join now and start monetizing your links. Its free!.

#2. Shink.me

Shink allows you to make money from home by shortening links. No stress no sweat! You get paid once you hit the threshold of $5 through PayPal. You can now manage and protect your links and earn cool amount of dollars. Share your shorten links across the web and social network, and for everyone that clicks on it, you get paid. Its as simple as that. Don’t dull around, register now ASAP and start earning.

#3. Al.ly

Ally sounds familiar and many people as been using the website to shorten links and get paid. The best thing about ally is that the minimum withdrawal is $1.00. Ally is totally easy and its completely free, you shorten links and for each visitors you bring to your shrinked URL, you earn moneyt. The website feature two account, the free and premium account you get paid through payza, paypal and $20 through payoneer. Join now and start earning. No stress.

#4. Link.tl

With link.tl you can earn tremendous amount of money from shortening URL, link.to allows you to earn money through banners and links.You get paid through your Payza & Skrill Account. With every members you refer, you gain more. Review your earning rates and see changes according to your country. Join now and start earning.

#5. Fas.li

Fas.li allows you to shorten links and get paid online. Share shortened links on the internet and get paid for every person who visits your URL. Fas.li pays you automatically twice a month using PayPal. The pay 1st and 15th of each month.

#6. LinkShrink.net

Monetize the links you normally share on the internet with the aid of linkshrink.net and get paid. Refer your friends to shorten links and earn money, linkshrink is user friendly and recommended for everyone. You Get paid through paypal, payza and bitcoin within 4 days of requesting your money! Request your income once you reach at least $5


#7. Adf.ly

Adf.ly is a very popular and trusted old link shortener website and people has been using this websute to shorten links and earn money. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. Share your links on Facebook, twitter etc and start seeing tangible results. Once you reach the minimum of $5 you get paid through PayPal, payza or payoneer. Register now and start earning from home!.

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