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How to Track the Price Drop of a Product on Amazon

by Henry Emmanuel
Amazon offers a variety of products with fluctuating prices, so it’s advisable to keep track on any important product you’d wish to buy to see when the price will drop so you can come back and buy. Keeping constant watch over a product helps you buy them at a cheaper rate, so you won’t ever get ripped off in the name of a sale. If you can exercise patient enough to wait for a good deal, then you can either visit the page of any product you’re interested in on Amazon and monitor the price every hour or you can use a good price tracking tool to help you keep tab on the current price of a product & know when to strike. So without further ado, here’s how to use your Android phone to track the price drop of a product on Amazon.

Install Price Tracker for Amazon

Figuring out when the price of a product is right to buy can help you get a reasonable discount and save you some money too. So for this job, price tracker for Amazon seems to be the best. The app helps you track the price of a product on Amazon and alert you when they drop. So if you’re ready to track the price drop of Amazon products, simply head over to the Google Play Store and install price tracker for Amazon.

Find Your Favourite Product

At the initial stage of opening price tracker for Amazon, you’ll be presented with a slew of introductions. Simply skip this by tapping the arrow icon at the bottom-right corner of the app to arrive at the homepage. From here, tap the USA badge on the lower-left corner of the app, a pop-up will appear, use this to select an Amazon locales depending on the country you live in.
Price tracker for Amazon brings a highly accurate integrated browser that lets you discover a ton of Amazon items​ you wish to monitor their price drop. So to make use of these feature, ensure you’re on the “Search” tab, then use the in-built search bar within price tracker for Amazon to find the item or product you wish to add to track list.

Add the Product to Tracklist

Once you have entered your query, a slew of Amazon products will be at your disposal. So go ahead and select your desired item, then tap the “+” icon at the bottom-right corner of the app. A pop-up will appear immediately, so tap on it and the selected item will be added to tracklist. Repeat the steps to add more of your desired items to tracklist. When you’re through, simply switch over to the “Tracklist” tab to see the items you have added so far. 
The “Top Deals” section on price tracker for Amazon provides a list of products that has incredible discounts. So you’d want to check it out. Once you’re done adding your favourite products to tracklist, simply exit the app. From now henceforth, price tracker for Amazon will try to notify you whenever a price drop is detected on your selected product. This is done through a lightening fast notification.

Wrapping Up

With price tracker for Amazon, you will be able to get discounts on certain products and save some dollars too. It’s really a great app and won’t be a burden to your Android phone or to the official Amazon app. Price tracker for Amazon also brings an option to check price change, and you can use it to monitor when prices drop below a specified target item price. It’s time to start saving money. So hurry and grab price tracker for Amazon to enable you track the price drop of products on Android.

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