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Watch Rick and Morty Online Free From This Sites

by Henry Emmanuel


A serious student of cartoons i am, and i have literally watched quite a slew of animations from different genres. One of the cartoon show that actually had me screaming “Wubba lubba dub dub” is rick and morty, a show that has in so many ways received acclaims for its creativity and humor. Rick and Morty is an animated science fiction sitcom that narrates a tale of an eccentric and acoholic mad scientist dubbed Rick Sanchez who derive pleasure in dragging his fretful teenage grandson Morty Smith on an adventurous time travel. The show itself is filled with comedy, so if you are looking for where to watch rick and morty online, then we have got the best sites and they are free.

1. Netflix


The highly acclaimed and most popular subscription based movie streaming site offers most of the cartoons you do ever want to watch, and if you are looking for a safe platform to watch Rick and Morty online, then Netflix should be your go-to. Yeah I know, a quick Google search will instantly reveal a ton of websites that offers the opportunity to watch Rick and Morty, but most of them aren’t safe and may end up infecting your device with malware. On Netflix, you can get all of Rick and Morty episodes (from season 1 to 3) and the site’s one month free trial is enough to finish the show without paying a dime.

Watch Rick and Morty on Netflix

2. Adult Swim


From offering risqué and bizarre comedy animations to unconventional live shows, adult swim without doubt, should be your second best option when you are looking for where to watch Rick and Morty online. The site comes greatly in handy for users who are busy and thinks that Netflix one month free trial isn’t enough to complete all the episodes. Considering the fact that Adult Swim is the original home of Rick and Morty already makes it safe and legal to stream the show within the platform, and aside from being free, the site’s user experience is top-notch as there aren’t any annoying adverts.

Watch Rick and Morty on Adult Swim

3. Cartoonson


As cartoon lovers, we are all familiar with Cartoonsons, one of the best ‘website that offers a colossal amount of cartoon shows for users to stream for free. Thankfully, all of Rick and Morty seasons are ‘present on Cartoonsons, and they are available to be streamed in high quality. Unlike Netflix and the previously mentioned home of Rick and Morty Adult Swim, you will get to experience some annoying pop-ups on Cartoonsons, but it won’t interrupt your streaming experience provided you close the ads early enough. So Cartoonsons is one of the best places to watch Rick and Morty online for free.

Watch Rick and Morty on Cartoonsons

4. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is indubitably one of the best video sharing website that allows users to upload and browse through a slew of videos with ease. The site has a reputable history of being able to pick up seedy contents that YouTube won’t dare to touch. With its simple functionalities and features, dailymotion is certainly among the best places to watch Rick and Morty online in full HD quality. One thing I have come to fancy about dailymotion is its interface, its intuituve and neatly laid out and with just a click, you will be watching Rick and Morty online without breaking your bank account.

Watch Rick and Morty on Dailymotion

5. WatchRickandMorty


Lastly, we have WatchRickandMorty, a relatively new website that is specially designed to offers all of Rick and Morty adventures back to back. For one thing, WatchRickandMorty is quite similar to Cartoonsons since they promote a lot of pop-ups, but this annoying money making technique can be skipped painstakingly​ and here’s how; when you arrive at WatchRickandMorty, choose any of the seasons/episodes you want to watch, then click on the video play button and turn of the page that will open. Hit the play icon again and you can now download or watch Rick and Morty for free without interruption.

Watch Now Free

Wrapping Up

The fact that women makes up 40% of Rick and Morty audience shows that the animation itself is extraordinary. Most of these fans are south park lovers and you do want to join the crew. Aside from the above listed websites, you can watch Rick and Morty online free from kisscartoon. But if you are looking to spend some bucks, then Hulu should be your best option.

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