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How to Add Audio to Videos Using Movavi Video Editor

by Henry Emmanuel

Videos are a great way to share thoughts in a crisp and clear way. Whether you need to express yourself or you need to increase awareness of your brand, a video can help you. So, for personal as well as commercial purposes, video can be a great tool. But, a bad video or a boring one can even do some negative branding. So, you need to be careful while making a video. But, making a good video isn’t that easy. You need to learn some complex software even for some minor tasks like making cuts, or adding background music, etc. Most of the video editing softwares are complex and of large size. But, I’ve found a cool and easy to use video editor that’s available for windows as well as mac. The best part about it is that it is small in size and has a lot of features.

Movavi Video Editor is a simple and easy to use editor with which you can add audio to your video, add filters, enhance quality, add transitions, titles, and lots more. You can even stabilize and reverse video. So, if you need a quality video quickly, Movavi Video Editor is what you need. We all know that an audio has a great impact on video. Adding a good music can turn a boring video or presentation into an interesting one. So, Movavi Video Editor helps you add a music to your video clip in a couple of minutes. You can add a soundtrack in MP3, WMA, OGG, or FLAC format to your MP4, AVI, or any other format video and save it as a new file.

There are a lot of features available in this editor, but for this post, I’ll be talking about the feature that i personally love and use most of the time while editing a video, i.e. adding or adjusting the sound of my video. Whether it’s about adding a background music or enhancing the sound quality of the video, this tool of Movavi Video Editor is a must-have. Follow this simple steps to use this tool:

Install Movavi Video Editor

For windows, you can download Movavi Video Editor from here. For mac, you can download Movavi Video Editor from here.


Add Media Files

After you’ve successfully downloaded the editor, you can open it. Then, select Create Project in full feature mode. Now, click on Add media files and upload all the files you want in your video (including audio that you want to add). All the files you’ve added will now be placed on the timeline board. The timeline is divided into 2 sections – Video Track and Audio Track.


Adjust Audio File on the Audio Timeline

You can cut or split audio and can adjust the audio to fit it with your video. You can even remove noise, add audio effects, or add an equalizer to make your audio much better. There are a lot of tools available which you can explore yourself.


Save the Video

Now, after making the required changes in video and audio, we’re ready to save our new video. To save our new video, click Export and you’ll be presented with a popup having different options (tabs). Choose the one that fits you best. Select your destination folder and format and then click on Start.


And that’s it! In four simple steps, you can turn your boring video into an interesting one in no time.

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