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Install AR Effect & Sony Xperia Apps From Play Store on Any Android Device

by Henry Emmanuel


If you’ve had a chance to use Sony’s Xperia Android phone, then you’d agree with me that Sony’s own skin for the Xperia device is quite flamboyant. No doubt, every OEM has its own skin that makes their device look unique, but Sony’s touch on its Xperia phone is extremely exceptional, plus there are a lot of essential and exclusive Sony Xperia apps that tends to be mouthwatering. Apps such as Sony Album, Music and Ar effect can be found on the Google Play Store, but they are incompatible with non-xperia phones. The good news however is that there’s a way to get Sony’s Ar effect and all Xperia apps from Play Store on your Android phone. So if you have got your Android device ready, here’s how to install Ar effect and other Sony apps from Play Store on any Android device.


  • Rooted Android 4.4 or above.
  • Custom recovery such as TWRP or Cwm installed.
  • Perform a Nandroid backup of your data.

Install Xperia Apps from Play Store Using Sony Apps Enabler

Courtesy to the developer “Zenith” who took it upon himself to mod a flashable zip that can make sony xperia apps from Play store compatible with any Android phone. Sony Apps Enabler is a ported version of Sony Xperia device framework files. This mod once flashed, tricks Google play store to recognise your Android phone as a Sony Xperia device. Hence you’ll get to install and update all Sony Xperia apps directly from Google play store. Lets quickly checkout the installation guide.


Flash Sony Apps Enabler.zip

To begin with, download Sony Apps Enabler 3.0.1 from here. If the first zip (3.0.1) doesn’t work, then you can download the alternate Sony Apps Enabler_4.2 from here. Next, reboot your Android into recovery by using your device’s unique combination buttons. Once you’re in twrp recovery menu, perform a full backup of your current ROM. Then tap the “Install” button and select the Sony Apps Enabler zip file you downloaded earlier. Now swipe to flash and reboot your phone afterwards.


Clear Play Store Data

Once your device is back on, simply head over to Settings -> Apps and scroll through the lists of installed apps to locate Google Play Store. Select it once found, and “Clear Data”. Now you will want to reboot your phone again so that everything will work just fine when you’re back on.


Enjoy Sony Apps on Your Phone

Once your device reboots, simply open up Google play store and search for any Sony app that was previously exclusive to Xperia device. From here, you will notice that the Install button is active, so you can go ahead and download the app. Sony Enabler brings support for all Sony apps on Play Store, so here’s what you will get; Sony weather app, music, album, Xperia keyboard, calendar, sketch, Xperia home and Ar effect.


Install Ar Effect

When you install Ar effect from the Google Play Store, you will notice it’s not working. This is because Sony’s Ar effect isn’t an “Independent” app, so it can only work if you have the Xperia Z2 smart camera app Installed. Sony’s Ar effect basically lets users to add overlay object and effects on their captured photos, so it’s one of the best augmented reality app you’d find on Android. So here’s how to install Ar effect on your Android phone.

Note: We tested this trick on Galaxy Note 5 and HTC M8 with stock ROM and it was working perfectly. Ensure to backup your current ROM so that you can restore if you are faced with bootloop.

Flash Xperia Z2 Smart Camera

To begin with, ensure your Android phone is rooted and have custom recovery installed. This method will work on KitKat, lollipop and Marshmallow. Nougat and Oreo isn’t supported yet. Now to get this one going, download Xperia Z2 Smart Camera.zip file from here, then reboot your device into twrp recovery and flash it. Now reboot your phone (boot might take some time).

When you’re back on, you will see that the Ar effect you installed earlier have started working. So go ahead and take a photo, and had your special effects ranging from spider man to dinosaur. You can also install tons of Ar effect theme from play store.


Uninstalling Sony Apps Enabler

If you’re tired of using the sony apps enabler (I know you won’t) then you can uninstall it whenever you feel like. So go ahead and download Sony Apps Disabler.zip from here, reboot to twrp recovery and flash it. That’s it.

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