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The Best Anime Download Sites (2019)

by Henry Emmanuel

Anime has been with us for a very long time now, while many detest the distinctive art form, others​ find it quite captivating. Anime also known as Animation originated from Japan. The art style being hand-drawn is generally separated from reality by a decent number of blatant fictions. Mostly, anime focuses less on the animation of movement, but gives great attention on the realism of settings and camera effects. Perhaps this is what makes it interesting.

If you are a die-hard anime lover, then you may have been searching for the best websites where you can download tons of high quality anime for free. Similar to korea dramas, you can mostly stream anime online which in turn consume lots of battery. But since the best things in life are free, there are also a lot of websites that allows you to download or stream the ever popular Japanese anime for free. So if you have got your PC or mobile ready, then below are the best anime download sites for 2019.

1. Animeout.com

Animeout is doubtlessly one of my favourite anime download site which offers a lot of high quality anime and they are all free to download. The platform stays updated with the newest release of anime and they’re been made available to be downloaded for free. In Animeout, you will be able to download and watch tons of high quality anime in 720p. The site offers 3 different download options, ranging from direct download links, mega links and torrent files. Overall, anime out is one of the best websites to download high quality anime since it provides a very easy and clear navigation.

2. KissAnime.ru

Kissanime is the undisputed and most popular anime download site on the web, if you’re truly an anime lover, then you’d hear of kissanime’s sophisticated list of various anime from different genre. The site offers tons of new anime daily with a convenient chatroom to discuss about your favourite anime series. On kissanime, you will get to read manga, watch drama and even read novels. The site offers a colossal number of anime in different qualities such as 240p, 320p, 720p up to 1080p. Users can either choose between watching anime on the site or they can directly download them on their mobile or PC. Kissanime offers a huge list of ongoing and lastest anime, and you’d get to discover newly upcoming anime from the site’s homepage.

3. 9anime.to

9anime offers extremely large number of high quality anime series, and the site’s interface is quite snappy and easy to navigate. If you have ever thought of quitting anime because of subtitles, then 9anime will change your mind. 9anime allows you to either watch or stream anime online in high quality, and all the anime series found in their website have either been dubbed or subbed in English. I like the fact that the site provides various genre of anime starting from action, fantasy to adventure. As it will give you a clue on which anime series to download or stream online.

4. Chia-anime.tv

Chia-anime is one of the best site that offers tons of high quality anime for free. You will really be engrossed with the site’s simple and easy interface. Chia-anime brings the latest anime episodes with various formats such as 360p to 1080p. Downloading various type of anime series from chia-anime is quite an easy thing to do, and you can even choose to watch high definition anime online directly from the site. Moreover the site offers latest anime dubbed in English. It’s really a cool & popular site for downloading anime series.

5. Otakustream.tv

Otakustream is one of the coolest website that provides the most trending and popular anime to be downloaded or stream online. Similar to animeout, otakustream brings an easy and simple navigation and you’ll get to find tons of high definition anime dubbed in English directly from the site’s homepage. Otakustream allows you to either watch high quality anime online or you can choose to download it and watch later. The latter demands you to become a member though. As a member, you can bookmark interesting anime series in other to easily find and watch them later.

6. Project-gxs.com

Project-gxs is quite a huge database with enormous number of anime that’s available for download. From the site’s homepage, you’ll be greeted with tons of completed and on-going anime series. Once you pick any of your favourite anime, a brief plot of the anime will be showned on the next screen. From here, you’ll see a neatly arranged lists of the episodes along with the file size. Project-gxs offers high quality anime from 420p up to 1080p, and you can choose whether to download the anime episodes directly or through torrent link. Users can request for any anime series and it will be uploaded without stress. Overall, project-gxs brings easy and clear navigation that makes downloading anime very simple.

7. Animecruzers.io

Animecruzers is yet another best website to download high quality anime for free. From the site’s homepage, you’ll get to discover a ton of newly uploaded and old anime series which you can download and watch later in offline mode. Before downloading anime in “animecruzers, I’d recommend you read the guidelines​ on how to download anime from site since they’re passworded. Animecruzers offers mini mkv & MP4 anime that’s within 60-90mb. The website is quite sharp & easy to explore, and it brings colossal number of anime episodes in a neatly arranged lists. All these anime series can be downloaded or watch directly from the site.

8. Animeworldbd.com

If you’re the type who’s too weary of ads, then animeworldbd should be your point of call. Animeworldbd is a classy website that provides tons of high quality anime to be downloaded for free, the site solely depends on donation from users since they don’t serve annoying ads. The only downside is that you’ve to cope with old anime if there’s no donation coming, as the site isn’t commercial. Hence they won’t be uploading anime regularly. Apart from this, animeworldbd allows you to watch anime online for free, and you can also download high quality anime directly from the site. They offer anime that’s available in 720p to 1080p, and users can request for anime to be uploaded regularly (that’s if the donation keeps coming). It’s really a cool anime download site.

Anime Download Sites

  • Masterani.me/anime
  • Animetosho.org
  • Gogoanime.io
  • Animerush.tv

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a grown up or adult, don’t let the child in you die. Even cartoons can bring lots of suspense and action to flourish your memory. When you feel like escaping the world of reality, watching anime can come in handy. Animations and cartoons can help to get rid of boredom, and having known this, we decided to gather and unveil the best websites to download high quality Japanese anime for free. Fantasy is of great essence, don’t miss it, not for anything. With anime, you’ll feel a distinctive work of art geared towards giving you the best effects. If you’re an anime lover or perhaps a fan, then the above anime download sites will fit your needs perfectly.


Henry February 21, 2020 - 3:33 am

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Tony December 13, 2019 - 3:37 am

If you want to download the anime videos offline from the above sides, Allavsoft can help.
It provides two methods to download the online videos: Method 1: Copy and paste the video or music url to Allavsoft and click Download button; Method 2: Record option.

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