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How To Charge Your Smartphone With Firewood

by Henry Emmanuel

It’s quite exasperating when you decide to go camping​ with your friends and during the road trip, you realised that there is no electricity in your destination. This could make your camping turn sore if you’re​ ​been accompanied with your smartphones and camera. But not to be saddened, there’s a new innovative “BioLite CampStove” which converts heats emitted from firewoods into electricity to enable you charge your phone while cooking. This way, you wouldn’t have to go for camping with your kerosene stove. BioLite CampStove provides a dedicated USB port for charging small electronics and you can set a kettlepot and portable grill on top of it to cook up a wood-wired meal or boiling water.

How it Works

Boilite capmstove works by capturing waste heat from the fire through a heat probe that is attached to the orange powerpack. From here, the heat gets converted into electricity via a thermoelectric generator. This process powers a fan and sends electricity to the USB charging port. The internal fan at this stage injects air back into the burn chamber to improve combustion and ensure a clean and efficient burn. One cool thing about BioLite CampStove is that it came built-in with 2600 mAh battery that charges your device with or without a live fire.

Setup and Use BioLite CampStove

Setting up BioLite CampStove is pretty easy, first you will need to fold the legs out for nested portability. From here, the charging module will hook into place on the side of the honeycomb heat mesh. Now build a pile of twigs, sticks or pellets, (this serves as fuel renewable biomass) and arrange it inside the cylinder. From here, press the power button​ to start/set the fan (into charging unit), then light in a match.

Note that the internal starter battery will help to kick-start the fire before the stove begins generating its own power. And you will have to be careful while dropping in a match, since the cylinder is “deeply narrow” down to the bottom. So be quick, to avoid getting your hands burned. Once the wood caught up, the whirring turbine will fan the smokeless flames. You can now mount your cookware and boil some water or prepare a delicious wood-wired meal while charging your gadgets. If you love this ergonomic​ patented technology (BioLite CampStove), then you’d like to purchase it now for your next camping.

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