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The Best Filelinked Codes 2019

by Henry Emmanuel

Why go through the hassles of scribbling down links when you can easily use apps like filelinked to “fasten” things up?. Why waste precious time and data ‘looking’ for an app you don’t have a clue of or where it is located? Seriously, it is “high time” you put a stop to this search and look at what filelinked has to offer. Now I know you do be “wondering” what the aforementioned app is and what it is all about. Don’t be in a hurry, we are going to unveil everything to you.

To simply put, filelinked ‘formerly’ known as droidadmin is bulk downloader app for Android that allows users to download multiple files at once. It was specifically ‘developed’ to change how we download stuffs online. Filelinked aims to help users find apps they need without going through the “stress” of ‘typing’ long boring URLs. It is much similar to FireDL, and can be ‘sideloaded’ onto any Android device or Firestick.


Platform agnostic talks aside, filelinked is free and fast. It works by allowing users to create codes of their files and distribute it to other ‘users’ to download. Confused? Do not be. When you are in need of “sharing” files amongst your friends, you can easily skip the “long URLs” by sending them an already generated filelinked codes. We’re going to guide you through the steps of how to create custom filelinked codes but before that, here are the newest filelinked codes that works in 2019 and contains link to essential apps such as MX Player, Showbox etc.


FileLinked Codes Pin
22222222 4754
44568738 None
74238464 None
38069272 None
64539676 None
54074835 None
32364318 None
26648310 None
40771957 6336
12433352 5500

Creating Filelinked Codes

Now that you have seen some of the best filelinked codes that leads to popular and cool apps, you may be ‘wondering’ how to create yours. So let’s get things going. To begin with, head over to filelinked.com and scroll all the way down. Then click on create code.

On the next page, simply login or signup for a free account and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard automatically.

From there, create a new configuration and add the files you want by providing their names, URLs and logos. Once done, create the configuration and you’ll receive your new filelinked codes.


Now go ahead and download filelinked app from the same site we mentioned above (that’s if you haven’t done it already), then install it. Fire up the app and enter the filelinked code that was previously generated. That’s all. There’s no limit to how many URLs you can convert to digits. Just paste them and generate. It’s that simple.

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