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How to Find Someone’s IP Address

by Henry Emmanuel

The internet of good things also has its fair shares of cons. When we talk of privacy on the internet, I do say it is an oxymoron. A nerdy with a little technical know-how can easily fish up your IP address in 5 seconds. Now you do be wondering how? Perhaps you thought the only one who knows your ip address is your internet service provider. Well it isn’t sadly and we are going to show you how you can find someone’s ip address with ease but before that, let’s guide you on what IP address is and why people want to know it.

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An internet protocol address (IP address) is simply a numeric label assigned to each device connected to a network on the internet and it is useful for identification or location purposes. There are but a few reasons why you may want to know someone’s IP address. Maybe you are looking to blacklist or block a specific device from entering your site or you’re looking to trace someone to find his/her location. Whatever the reason might be, we will unravel the three best ways to find the IP address of a website or someone’s IP address with ease.

1. Using Command Prompt

Finding someone’s IP address is a little bit of a complicated task, but we’ve found the simplest way to do so and that is by using the command prompt on Windows device. For this, we’re going to utilize the ping command. It is a utility that once entered along with a site name, will attempt to report back the site IP address alongside essential informations it finds. So let’s quickly get this one going.

To begin with, fire up the command prompt on your Windows device (you can easily do this by clicking on the Start button then enter cmd in the search bar). Once you’re in, input ping and give a space, then enter the address of the site you want to locate and click enter. For example, if I want to know the IP address of Wikipedia, I’d type

ping www.wikipedia.com

It’s that easy. Once you click the enter key on your computer keyboard after typing the command, you’d see a result similar to what is in the image below. For non-Windows users, you do get to find a colossal number of apps such as fing that can perform same function. Just look for them on Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.


2. Using Sites Like Whois

The first method detailed above can be used to painlessly find a website’s IP address, but it does has its own disadvantages. You may encounter a failed response if the computer you’re trying to perform the ping with is not connected to the internet or if the website you are trying to find its IP address is temporarily unreachable. If one of this issues occurs, then you’re better of with IP address trackers like whois. It’s a reliable website that reveals someone’s IP address without asking for a penny. It gets the job done swiftly and accurate. In fact, it’s the service you should use especially when you’re looking to find the exact location of someone by IP address.


So what you’ll need to do is to head over to whois.domaintools.com, then input the url of the website you are looking to find its IP address. Click search and you’ll be presented with all the needed informations.

3. Check Email Headers

One of the best ways to find someone’s IP address is through email. Surprised? Don’t be. Truth is, emails can be traced through their IP. Every email you receive carries more than just a message. They do come with headers that once accessed, reveals sensitive information that tells you where the email was sent from. So without further ado, let’s see how to find the IP address of an email sender in gmail.


To begin with, login to your gmail account and open the email you want to check the IP address. From there, click on the drop down arrow and select Show original. A new window will open up and it’ll display the sender’s ip address.

Wrapping Up

With the rapid growth of technology, it’s easy to find someone’s IP address. A quick Google search will help you with that, and there are equally a slew of IP address trackers that can get the job done painstakingly. The whole thing is as easy as pie.

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