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PS5 Backwards Compatibility Already Hinted Following Sony’s New Patent

by Henry Emmanuel

Sony’s once powerful PS4 console is already reaching the end of its life cycle. This was officially confirmed by the PlayStation head honcho John Kodera during a brief speaking at Sony’s Corporate Strategy Meeting. But as they say, out with the old, in with the new. While the PlayStation 4 seems to be going passé, rumors of the upcoming PS5 is already gaining waves all over the internet. Sony itself haven’t announced nor confirmed the claims, but the company is surely working on something and it is definitely a PS5 console. Now as a hard-core gamer, you’d be wondering if the upcoming PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4, PS3, PS2 and the original PSX PlayStation. Truth is, Sony hasn’t confirmed any of this rumors, but following a recent patent filed by the company itself, it’s safe to say that they’re working on the PS5 backwards compatibility.

Following the fact that the PS5 will be using more PC like architecture, there’s a possibility that it will support most of your old digital library and perhaps disks. Sony earlier this month, filed a patent which suggests that they’re planning to make the PS5 backwards compatible and not long after, the company registered a second patent in Japan and it’s all about the PS5 backwards compatibility. The new patent was specifically titled “Simulation of legacy bus operation for backward compatibility”, and just from the title alone, you’ll agree with me that the next-gen PlayStation 5 console will be able to handle older games like Grand theft San Andreas.


Looking at some of the wording in the patent, you will see it suggests the use of CPUID and Bus interface. They’d help to execute legacy application on a new device (I.e the PS5). The patent also listed one of the inventors to be Mark Cerny, and he’s the lead architect of the PlayStation 4 console and equally leading the PS5 console as well. Personally, this is a great news. As a dedicated gamer, I’d like to carry all my back catalogue along during an upgrade. If the PS5 launches without support for backwards compatibility, it’d be an auto-skip for me. If Microsoft can do it with their Xbox console, so can Sony.

Besides, it’d be seen as hubris if Sony doesn’t include backwards compatibility for its older console games. The ps2 didn’t only sell well due to its budget price, the ability to play the mid 90s games added to its huge acclaims. So i am seriously hoping that the company makes what make business sense.

Author’s Opinion

If the PS3 for instance can play all PS1 and PS2 disc-based games through emulation with HDMI output at 1080p, then why can’t users get this feature on the upcoming PS5? Yes I know, the PS4 cannot play PS1, PS2 or PS3 disc-based game and audio CDs, but it can play them through PlayStation Now which is Sony’s PlayStation clod-based gaming service. So my guess is, if the PS5 won’t follow the PAd way of supporting older games via CDs, then it’ll adapt what Sony did with the PS4 console. Below is the patent filed by Sony entertainment, go through it thoroughly.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Patent

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