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How to add Facebook Like box to Blogger Blog

by Henry Emmanuel

Facebook been one of the most successful social media for connecting with our family and friends all around the world has come to stay. Over the years, developers has been adding amazing features on facebook to enable effective running and some of those features can be added to our blogger or wordpress blog in other to enable people know you’re on facebook social community.
In this article i am going to brief or enlighten you on how to add facebook like box to blogger blog that helps or enables your user to join your facebook page community and receive newest trending updates you publish.

Guide to add a facebook like box to blogger..

1. Create a facebook page and copy out your facebook url. It should look like below text.


2. Goto facebook developer webpage by clicking here (With the release of Graph API v2.3, the facebook like box has been deprecated just click on new page plugin).

3. Now paste your facebook fan page you copied earlier into the page url field.
4. Enter the width, height, colour according to your preference and click on Get code.

5. A popup box will appear featuring javascript SDK and iframe. We only need the iframe code here.
6. So click on iframe select and copy out the iframe code.

How to add facebook like box on your blogger

1. Login to your blogger account
2. Goto Dashboard>Layout in your blogger
3. Click on add “Gadget” at the sidebar depending on were you want the facebook like box to be.
4. Select html/javascript and paste the iframe code in the box.
5. Click save and view your blog.
6. Done!.
Seems the above step is easy so just follow the steos adequately and get your facebook like box smiling awesomely on your blogger blog.

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