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10 Best Telegram Channels You Must Join (2018)

by Henry Emmanuel

Telegram after been invented has been the most competitor of Whatsapp preceding the Google Allo chat. Telegram has gotten the attention of many folks due to its amazing and
tremendous features. Some folks now prefer the telegram to whatsapp since they have Look-alike interface.
In this article I am going to list out the Top 10 Must join Telegram Channels that will enable you to view and communicate with the top trending communities on telegram were you can learn educational, newest news, trending movies, fluent English speaking and so many other communities depending on which among the list you prefer to join.

1. BBC Breaking News

This channel is all about news as the name prescribed. Get latest news on your phone easily and know what’s happening around the world. Currently there are over 2.3k members that has joined the BBC news telegram channel.

2. Common Mistake 

Now you can learn how to speak English fluently without making any grammatical blunder or mistake. The channel overall idea is to help you Polish your English and to learn how to speak them correctly. Currently there are 6.2k members that has joined common mistake telegram channel.

3. Ask Me

This is one of my favorite telegram channels. If you have got any question which you urgently need astounding answers, then all you have to do is ask and get your question clarified. Currently there are over 2.8k members that has joined the Ask me telegram channels.

4. Tech Guide 

You wanna receive top trending technology daily updates and guides? Then this is the best telegram channel for it. Get daily top tech guides and know how far the technology era has gone. Currently there are over 9k members that has joined the Tech guide telegram channel.

5. Full Music Album

Get high quality free music sang by popular musicians like usher, p square, rihanna and many others. This is my most favorite music channels and the best of it is that you’re presented with high quality music to listen to. Currently there are over 22k members that has joined the full music album.

6. GIF Channel

The best channel to receive and down gif both funny ones and educational ones. You can now get amazing gif to use in any respective places you desire. Once you join the channel just order a gif and download it easily. Currently there are over 23.3k members that has joined the Gif telegram channels

7. Crynet

Now you can learn science. Know how things work and get it stored in your memory for potential use. Crynet keeps you updated about science related stuff that you will be addicted to and want to learn more. Currently there are over 8.3k members who has joined the crynet telegram channel.

8. ITV Share Channel

With ITV share, you can get the latest movies you desire and watch on your iPhone or android. They present movies in high quality format and you will keep asking for more if possible. Join the group and request a tv show Asap. Currently there are over 633k members that has joined ITV share telegram channel.

9. Programmers joke

Guess the name explained it all. Get the las test programmer jokes you have been craving for and laugh out extremely loud. Its quite educative and fun. You will learn things you never imagined here. Currently there are over 20k members who has joined the programmers joke telegram channels.

10. Boring class

Its all about jokes and funny things around the world. You can also join a video share group from the channel and get high quality videos. Currently there are 12.9k members who has joined the boring class telegram channel.


This is the list of  the best telegram channels. If you want to add more use the comment box.


Joseph Gasaway January 29, 2020 - 4:12 pm

Great List of telegram channels. looks like taken lots of effort.
keep up good work and keep posting the curated list of telegram channels.
I think @coursedeal (www.t.me/coursedeal ) should also be in your channel list.

Sujit Kumar Pradhan August 8, 2018 - 8:54 pm

Thanks for sharing this article.Really the channels, which are provided by you,are very useful. For a Telegram user Telegram groups are also helpful. I like this website because of it's nice and useful contents.

Sujit Kumar Pradhan June 26, 2018 - 7:21 pm

Nice article

kissykennysmatt September 20, 2017 - 9:49 pm

Add techCrunch1 & Showbox

Science September 20, 2017 - 9:49 pm

The best channel for learning english and discover world



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